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This luciously adorable puppy is such a plump ball of snow-white squishy cuteness, how can you not go gah-gah-weak-in-the-knees from a delightful *squeeeaaal!* overload?! ;)

A magnificent roly-poly capture by paulinski! (Link)

Posted @ 04/18/2007 8:27 PM CST by Adri

When you're about to keel over from a milk coma, it suuuure is nice to have a loving sibling clean you up a bit before the big snooze! (Because heaven forbid you go to sleep with a milk mustache!) ;)

A deliciously adorable photo submitted by angelina16! (Link)

Posted @ 04/18/2007 8:15 PM CST by Adri

Small adustments to your pose make a world of difference in augmenting your cuteness! Take a cue from this adorable pro: stretch out your skinny little fuzzy neck just so, perk up your ears, and point your well-groomed whiskers just a tad forward for a dramatic effect. ;)

Wallah! Your 100% puurrrfectly adorable kitty pose captured beautifully by dai-chan! (Link)

Posted @ 04/15/2007 11:24 AM CST by Adri

There are two ways to optimally display your cuteness--by stretching out your plump puppy belly while lying sideways, or by plopping right on your belly and stretching your tiny front and hind legs! ;)

A doubly adorable wallop of cuteness provided to you beautifully by julnext_gn! (Link)

Posted @ 04/12/2007 6:41 AM CST by Adri

...And you're too busy too feed them, then there's always your little baby duckling helper to assist with the personalized feedings! ;)

Knock-you-over-into-the-water cuteness and heartwarming beyond words video captured by ohsako and submitted by Reed! (Link)

Posted @ 04/08/2007 9:46 AM CST by Adri

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, there is absolutely no denying the universal fuzzy cuteness of a baby chick sharing a cuddly nap with other baby fuzzy baby chicks! ;)

A simply enchanting, heart-warming photo by Enchantress! (Link)

Posted @ 04/08/2007 9:33 AM CST by Adri

When the going gets too tough, the best thing to do is plop where you stand and take the cutest puppy nap of your life! ;)

Presenting the adorable spread-eagled Ollie the Border Terrier pup, captured beautifully by Gavatron! (Link)

Posted @ 04/07/2007 1:43 PM CST by Adri

*Cuddle, cuddle, kiss, kiss, snuggle, wuggle, squueeeeze!* How could you just not go knuts over Knut the baby polar bear cub?! ;)

Many more photos of this adorable bear from Berlin on! (Link)

Posted @ 04/04/2007 9:27 PM CST by Adri

What do you get when you have one fuzzy baby red panda per hand? An *Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!* ;)

From's photo gallery of zoo babies from around the world! (Link)

Posted @ 04/04/2007 9:18 PM CST by Adri

There's nothing like a fuzzy chocolate caramel swirl piggie with a bewhiskered pink nose to jump start your Monday! *kiss!* ;)

Presenting the adorable Bitxo, captured beautifully and submitted by Madam Green! (Link)

Posted @ 04/02/2007 9:34 AM CST by Adri

Yes, it takes a LOT of practice and patience to remain sleeping while your rambunctious child decides you're the junglegym!;)

Another adorable submission by jeanette! (Link)

Posted @ 04/01/2007 10:01 AM CST by Adri

Two fuzzy floppy-eared sleeping puppy heads are always better than one! ;)

An adorable sweet-dreams photo by Crafty Beaver! (Link)

Posted @ 03/29/2007 8:19 PM CST by Adri

What's cuter than a sleeping baby striped kitten with tiny outstretched paws and a folded over fuzzy pink ear?! *kiss, kiss, kiss!* ;)

Presenting the lovely Lilo the kitten, captured beautifully in all of her sleepy baby cuteness and submitted by Anabella Madeo! (Link)

Posted @ 03/27/2007 9:19 AM CST by Adri

...when you give it a little twist. ;)

Your twisty-kitty-fuzzy-belly ahhhs provided to you by Dr. Hemmert! (Link)

Posted @ 03/26/2007 2:33 PM CST by Adri

A baby panda is finally arrested for a lifetime of cute crimes and stealing our hearts! ;)

A great shot by muzikid of the adorable panda exhibit banner at the San Diego Zoo! (Link)

Posted @ 03/26/2007 2:26 PM CST by Adri

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