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FOUR of them!! *Eeeeee!* ;)

Your quadruply cute armful of fuzziness found in Flickr Admin's photostream! (Link)

Posted @ 03/21/2007 6:03 PM CST by Adri

You know you're best friends when you can let the other use your neck nook as a pillow! ;)

Your warm fuzzy photo for this chilly Saturday morning submitted by jeanette! (Link)

Posted @ 03/17/2007 9:27 AM CST by Adri

Who needs to brush their hair before breakfast? Certainly not this scrumptiously adorable ham-ham! *munch, munch!* ;)

Keel-you-over-cuteness captured mid-munch by k.Akagami! (Link)

Posted @ 03/14/2007 12:59 PM CST by Adri

Feeling cold? Here's something to warm you up both inside and out! ;)

Melt-your-heart cuteness captured beautifully by mike9alive! (Link)

Posted @ 03/12/2007 4:47 PM CST by Adri

I don't think it will take much convincing to pay attention to this pink-tongued, tiny-pawed beauty! ;)

A delightfully fuzzy, feisty feline photo submitted by sam! (Link)

Posted @ 03/08/2007 8:10 AM CST by Adri

Just when you think it couldn't get any cuter, a plump baby seal pup decides to scooch towards you and test your cute capacity! ;)

A wonderfully adorable video submitted by twenty3toysoldiers! (Link)

Posted @ 03/08/2007 8:02 AM CST by Adri

*Yawwwn!* It's a sleepy start to a Friday morning, but at least there's sleeping in to look forward to tomorrow! ;)

Fantastic puppy mid-yawn photo by NiteLynx! (Link)

Posted @ 03/02/2007 5:57 AM CST by Adri

This adorable whiskery wabbit is on the runway and ready to take your cuteness levels to new heights! ;)

A beautiful bun-flop photo by ynskjen! (Link)

Posted @ 03/01/2007 7:31 AM CST by Adri

This little guy isn't even a pre-teen yet, but he's already a professional in twisting people's hearts with cuteness and getting them to do his bidding! ;)

Another devastatingly adorable photo by Cynr! (Link)

Posted @ 03/01/2007 7:26 AM CST by Adri

*yawn* It's that time of day, folks...*kerplop* *Zzzzz!* ;)

An adorable and exquisite Corgi kerplop photo by recompose! (Link)

Posted @ 02/28/2007 6:02 PM CST by Adri

When this adorable teddy-bear like fuzzball of bunny cuteness comes into your garden to ransack your greens, you let it! ;)

Irresistible, bun-tastic photo by doo! (Link)

Posted @ 02/28/2007 5:54 PM CST by Adri

This tiny sleepy little pink handful of baby-baby maltese puppy is guaranteed to perk you right up! ;)

A beautiful, precious photo by kuki pumuki! (Link)

Posted @ 02/26/2007 5:25 AM CST by Adri

If you want to maximize milk flow out a bottle, you've got to put your entire fuzzy body and paws into it! ;)

An adorable little ravenous kitty photo by imranchaudhry_s5600! (Link)

Posted @ 02/23/2007 3:09 PM CST by Adri

How do I know these buns are of the adorable mischievous variety? That guilty "Uh-oh, we're caught!" look on the right-most bun's fuzzy squeeze-cheek face tells us that it's time to re-rake the leaves (again)! ;)

One of many adorable gems in our Cutizen bunnymama's Cutefolio! (Link)

Posted @ 02/21/2007 10:58 AM CST by Adri

It's of great advantage to be a bun. Afterall, you not only have the supreme fuzzy cuteness to rule with a soft paw, but you also have keen hearing lest someone sneak up on you during your beauty nap and try to usurp you! ;)

A simply beautiful bun photo by Jovana_Nz! (Link)

Posted @ 02/21/2007 10:50 AM CST by Adri

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