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There's no fuzz here, but the intricate tininess of this gorgeous hand-carved stone kangaroo is enough to eek a squeal of delight from cutisseurs and non-cutisseurs alike. ;)

A beautiful piece of artwork that is part of the King George I of the Hellenes collection, found on (Link)

Posted @ 01/29/2007 8:40 AM CST by Adri

Not only does this adorable duckling have the 100% pure fuzziness to completely bowl you over with cuteness--she has the signature plump belly, dainty feetsies and photogenicity to keep you in your dreamy cute stupor for a looong time. ;)

A beautiful photo from our Cutizen lanie's Cutefolio! (Link)

Posted @ 01/28/2007 8:57 AM CST by Adri

Something to warm you up this chilly Sunday morning! (A note of warning, however--you may become hoarse with all of your squealings of delight!) ;)

Sent in by Reed, an adorable Scottish Fold kitten video by sutatabo! (Link)

Posted @ 01/28/2007 8:48 AM CST by Adri

Even if it adds just a centimeter or two in height, standing on your tippy-toes adds meters to your cuteness! ;)

Attention-grabbing hammie cuteness captured beautifully by mizuha! (Link)

Posted @ 01/25/2007 3:53 PM CST by Adri

The combination of being pink, squishy-nosed, fuzzy, and sleeping makes these baby piglets irresistibly, squeal-inducingly adorable! *kiss!* ;)

A tickle-you-pink heartwarming photo submitted by m.c. bachofner! (Link)

Posted @ 01/25/2007 3:42 PM CST by Adri

It sure is tiring to wait in line for sooo long to get blessed, but it's not everyday that you can show off to the world your fancy pink parka and overwhelming fuzzy sleepy cuteness! ;)

An adorable photo of a puppy waiting in line to get blessed at Madrid's Feast of San Anton, Spains' patron saint of animals. From (Link)

Posted @ 01/24/2007 3:26 PM CST by Adri

...Because you can never, ever have enough kitten in a blanket!

Pounce-worthy cuteness submitted by cedric! (Link)

Posted @ 01/23/2007 12:02 PM CST by Adri

If those ultra-fuzzy perky ears aren't enough to get your attention, then that adorable puppy face will! ;)

A beautiful photo of Frodo the Papillon pup by our Cutizen kymbo! (Link)

Posted @ 01/23/2007 11:49 AM CST by Adri

For optimum cuddliness, kittens are best served fresh from a nap in a nice, warm blanket. *kisss!* ;)

A beautiful pink-nosed photo of the adorable Susy the kitten by our cutizen Daphne! (Link)

Posted @ 01/21/2007 1:03 PM CST by Adri

It may be hard to believe folks, but this is a real live bundle of teddy-bear-like cuteness (not to mention mischievousness). Make sure to stow away your blankets and beloved stuffed animals prior to viewing! ;)

Your Friday evening squeals of puppy delight provided to you by sutatabo! (Link)

Posted @ 01/19/2007 12:08 PM CST by Adri

If I had to choose a way to go, well...this would definitely be it! ;)

A herd of bowl-you-over cuteness captured magnificently by amaru! (Link)

Posted @ 01/19/2007 10:10 AM CST by Adri

What is this adorable little ducky so happy about? Well...first of all, he's just one of the cutest, most photogenic little fuzzies out there. That would put a smile on anyone's face. Top that off with a swim in your favorite lake with not a care in the world and wallah! Pure happiness. :)

A wonderfully gorgeous and adorable photo by EdZee! (Link)

Posted @ 01/18/2007 7:34 AM CST by Adri

This bunny is just so exquisitely adorable, that I bet if you kiss its head three times and rub its ears, it'll bring you exceptional luck! ;)

A beautiful photo by Avyah! (Link)

Posted @ 01/16/2007 6:16 PM CST by Adri

I just LOVE bubbleheaded babies--it gives you a greater fuzzy surface area to kiss, kiss, kiss repeatedly! :)

An adorable baby chinchilla photo submitted by our cutizen bender! (Link)

Posted @ 01/16/2007 6:07 PM CST by Adri

Nothing accentuates fuzzy wuzzy cuteness like a few well-placed flowers atop a baby animal's head! (Even though they themselves may not be too terribly pleased by them.) ;)

Another adorable photo sent in by sunnyeurope! (Link)

Posted @ 01/15/2007 7:46 AM CST by Adri

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