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...being cute (and eating cheese) is his game. ;)

Just look at those scrumptiously adorable orange kitty belly and paws! A great photo by AustinTX! (Link)

Posted @ 01/11/2007 9:44 AM CST by Adri

When you're as squealingly cute as a baby guinea pig, it simply accentuates your cuteness when you act like a little piggie. ;)

Another beautiful fuzzy gem by the talented Seattle Roll! (Link)

Posted @ 01/09/2007 12:03 PM CST by Adri

Nothing says love like a light headbutt and a nuzzle--whatever species you are! :)

Amazing photography by the talented Tanja Askani--you simply must check out additional photos of this lovely pair of friends ! (Link)

Posted @ 01/09/2007 11:59 AM CST by Adri

Here's some unbelievable, make-you-squeal cuteness for this lovely Saturday afternoon! Make sure to pay special attention to the tiny pink kitty belly, dainty paws, quick licks and the adorable finale of *Zzzz's* at the end! ;)

An adorable video by syaruru found on YouTube. (Link)

Posted @ 01/06/2007 10:07 AM CST by Adri

Just look at this little guy push that entire flower into his mouth! With good techinque, too...check out that adorable little grip on that bud for maximum stuffage effect! *stuff, stuff, smack* ;)

A squeal-worthy cute squirrel photo captured magnificently by Janet Tomiyama! (Link)

Posted @ 01/04/2007 6:37 AM CST by Adri

It's hard to top a ball of sleepy squirrely cuteness (especially when wrapped in its own fuzzy scarf)! ;)

A kissably cute bundle of adorableness submitted by sunnyeurope! (Link)

Posted @ 01/03/2007 4:57 AM CST by Adri

It's just plain tiring spending hours creating a near-perfect Mii of yourself and then several more hours playing Wii bowling and boxing. *paws up* *kerplop* *Zzzz!* ;)

A knock-yourself-out adorable photo by marissa cap! (Link)

Posted @ 01/02/2007 1:15 PM CST by Adri

When you're at a marked size disadvantage, the best way to fight is via the bottlebrushed sneak-attack approach! ;)

A wonderful fluffy mid-air kitty shot submitted by biowulf! (Link)

Posted @ 12/29/2006 11:18 AM CST by Adri's okay to fight with the siblings again, right? Santa is probably so bushed from all of the deliveries he made yesterday that he probably wont' start keeping track of the naughty kitties vs. nice kitties until at least a few months before X-mas next year. ;)

Another fuzzy delight by fofurasfelinas! (Link)

Posted @ 12/26/2006 7:30 PM CST by Adri

Nevermind the galled "How can you humilitate-me-like-this?!" look on Misty the kitty's adorable whiskered face--she's just too cute with that wittle fluffy Santa hat! ;)

The best of holidays to everyone! A warm and wonderful photo by our cutizen 2kittygirl! (Link)

Posted @ 12/21/2006 7:27 PM CST by Adri

"Awww, geeez, Mom! Do you really have to do all this lovey-dovey whiskery kissy stuff in front of the guys?" ;)

A gorgeous momma and baby seal moment, submitted by garbagegarbage! (Link)

Posted @ 12/21/2006 7:16 PM CST by Adri

Pudgy Spudgy the pup--I dare you to try and not grab this little fluffball and *kiss, kiss, kiss* him repeatedly! :)

An unbelievably cute and corpulent bundle of sleepy puppy love captured magnificently by the human spudgy! (Link)

Posted @ 12/20/2006 12:06 PM CST by Adri

"...just in case you didn't understand what I had meowed incessantly about to you earlier about sliiiddding down those gorgeous silk drapes of yours if you don't get me that catnip toy I wanted at PetCo, well, here's a quick demo..." ;)

Foolproof cuteness brought to you by gossamer1013! (Link)

Posted @ 12/19/2006 6:31 PM CST by Adri

Whenever you're trying to figure out if something is cute or not in a jiffy, just do the pink-nosed head tilt. I hear this kitten does it all the time, and it increases cuteness comprehension by 98.5%! ;)

Squeal-worthingly adorable photo by jonathansloan! (Link)

Posted @ 12/18/2006 9:21 PM CST by Adri

So cuddle up with someone you love! :)

A beautiful heartwarming photo by BrynJ! (Link)

Posted @ 12/15/2006 12:42 PM CST by Adri

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