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They are puppies, aren't they? I've never seen them come small enough to fit two to a hand! ;)

A doubly precious capture by DjMagra! (Link)

Posted @ 09/21/2006 4:38 AM CST by Adri

...and these are the reason why! ;)

A warm fuzzy photo presented to you by Gertrude & Gustav! (Link)

Posted @ 09/21/2006 4:29 AM CST by Adri

Perfectly rolled over to give you a double whammy of bunny belly and bunny pawpads! ;)

Sooo cute any way you look at it, buhtterfly! (Link)

Posted @ 09/20/2006 10:26 AM CST by Adri

Sometimes even cute kitties need to leave the comfort of their person's lap and rough it (even if it is in the kitchen)! ;)

A duo of adorable camping buddies captured beautifully by Gui, o gato! (Link)

Posted @ 09/20/2006 5:02 AM CST by Adri

What the heck is this adorable thing? That chubby-cheeked fluffy face says it's a bunny, but those short (albeit reeaaally cute!) ears are throwing me off! ;)

Your mid-week mysteriously cute fuzzy from Huro Kitty! (Link)

Posted @ 09/20/2006 4:48 AM CST by Adri

Look at these little guys make a dash for freedom, going as fast as their wobbly little penguin legs can take them! ;)

A well-shot photo by tompagenet! (Link)

Posted @ 09/19/2006 3:41 AM CST by Adri

The first few climbs into the nice warm lap of your human are always a bit tricky--but it's sooo worth it! ;)

A beautiful portrait of an adorable focused feline--by googly! (Link)

Posted @ 09/19/2006 3:28 AM CST by Adri

It doesn't matter if you're real or just a painted creature--if you're cute and sleeping, you're going to get noticed! ;)

A beautiful and adorable sketch by our talented cutizen staticgirl! (Link)

Posted @ 09/19/2006 3:16 AM CST by Adri

...anywhere, and I mean anywhere, is a fantastic place to stop, drop, and snooze. ;)

An absolutely adorable shoulder nap captured purrfectly by Bridger & Felecia! (Link)

Posted @ 09/18/2006 5:18 AM CST by Adri

Nope. Not amused at all that it's Monday! ;)

LOL, I just loove that look of chagrin on that adoralbe fuzzy-headed ostrich's face! Big-E-Mr-G, what a great capture! (Link)

Posted @ 09/18/2006 5:13 AM CST by Adri

Palpable and tasty when taken one small lick at a time, but if you try to take on too much at once--beware the brain freeze! ;)

Presenting the adorable, overambitious Teddy the kitten--by Bhalash! (Link)

Posted @ 09/18/2006 5:10 AM CST by Adri

I'll bet mother peacock is wishing her babies had those fancy tassles on their heads already--they would be soo much easier to keep track of! ;)

A fancy n' cute photo by _barb_! (Link)

Posted @ 09/17/2006 8:19 AM CST by Adri

It may look like this adorable kitty's about to tip over, but I'll bet we'll be the first ones to do so with the amount of fluffy kitten cuteness it's giving off! ;)

cute kitten
A wonderful capture of Minou the kitten by caffenero! (Link)

Posted @ 09/17/2006 8:10 AM CST by Adri

What better way to unwind then to plop yourself right onto the terrace to get yourself some sun and zzzzzzz's? ;)

A very fine idea for this beautiful Saturday morning from the adorable Brownie the pup, submitted by L. Nguyen! (Link)

Posted @ 09/16/2006 6:33 AM CST by Adri

Not these guys! It's each kitten for itself in this adorable, one-of-a-kind floss fight! ;)

Fuzzy Saturday morning ruckus brought to you by jimbrell! (Link)

Posted @ 09/16/2006 6:15 AM CST by Adri

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