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After a loong day of munching and taking numerous sand baths (just look at that wittle sandy pink nose and paw!), this adorable bewhiskered hamster knows exactly how to top it all off. *Zzzzz!* ;)

The talented jade_c does it again! (Link)

Posted @ 09/15/2006 6:59 AM CST by Adri

"Oooh, goshdarnit! I know I got all the way up here, but how the heck do I get down?!" *paw covers mouth in contemplation* ;)

Another craftily cute photo by Enarmoed_With_Horses! (Link)

Posted @ 09/15/2006 6:52 AM CST by Adri

It suuure must to be nice to be a lazy, oh-so-cute kitty cat! ;)

A wicked cute photo--by no one other than wicked! (Link)

Posted @ 09/15/2006 6:44 AM CST by Adri

I mean, just look at all of those little wet feet marks all over the living room floor! ;)

A precious baby Lapwing photo by Marko_K! (Link)

Posted @ 09/14/2006 4:42 AM CST by Adri

"All of those delicious greens out there, and I'm stuck in here!" *sigh* *nose wiggle* ;)

Oooh, just look at that adorable little forelorn hammie face! Martsky, this is such an incredible photo! (Link)

Posted @ 09/14/2006 4:36 AM CST by Adri

Flax the parakeet has the brains and feathery cuteness to take on anybody at chess anyday. Kasparov and Deep Blue, eat your heart and CPU out! ;)

Presenting the adorable little Grandmaster Flax, by striatic! (Link)

Posted @ 09/13/2006 5:40 AM CST by Adri

Just look at that adorable little kitten smirk! It must be a some fantastic dream... filled with balls of string, catnip, scratching posts, and flower pots no doubt... ;)

Miss Kimberley*, what a delightful photo! (Link)

Posted @ 09/13/2006 5:27 AM CST by Adri

When you're as cute as this sweet-beaked parrot, you can get away with skimming a little off the top. ;)

This is soo adoralicious, Brave Heart! (Link)

Posted @ 09/12/2006 4:47 AM CST by Adri

Forget using the body sponge! Just grab your fuzzy feetsies, give 'em a few licks, and you're ready to show the world what for! ;)

A fantastic, cute n' clean photo by loez! (Link)

Posted @ 09/12/2006 4:38 AM CST by Adri

Watch you step, lest you trip, fall, and get trampled over by this ferociously adorable pile of fuzzy baby goslings! ;)

Unbelievable chickie cuteness captured beautifully by al greer! (Link)

Posted @ 09/11/2006 4:46 AM CST by Adri

Want to get that hyper, curtain-climbing energy first thing in the morning? Then remember to eat (or drink) breakfast, the most important meal of the day! (Made all the better if you can get a loved one to bottle-feed you right in bed.) ;)

Your morning milk-mustached kitten presented to you by Etolane! (Link)

Posted @ 09/11/2006 4:41 AM CST by Adri

*streetch* *roll* *looks at alarm clock* "It's only 11:30AM on a Sunday? Still waaaay too early to get up!" ;)

A beautiful photo of the adorable, sleepy cutie Chihiro by fofurasfelinas! (Link)

Posted @ 09/10/2006 8:30 AM CST by Adri

It's been a loong week and it's finally Saturday! So plop your cute fuzzy bum down and take a well-deserved break! ;)

Such an aaahhhdorable and tweet photo, djkubik! (Link)

Posted @ 09/09/2006 10:42 AM CST by Adri

"Well duuuh, of course I know I'm cute! You don't have to carry on oohing, aaahing, and squeealing like that. Sheesh." ;)

LOL, that hedgepiggie's face is soo precious! An adorable contribution from our cutizen gryphonclaw! (Link)

Posted @ 09/09/2006 10:36 AM CST by Adri

Especially with a loved one who's just as cute as you are. ;)

Beautiful little napping cuties captured perfectly by basykes! (Link)

Posted @ 09/08/2006 5:18 AM CST by Adri

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