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If you're not the type to go crazy with a ball of string on Friday nights like the wild little kitten below, then you can take a cue from this cutie--kick back your footsies, munch on your favorite snack, and just relaaax! ;)

I think I can go for this right now, The Brit_2! (Link)

Posted @ 09/08/2006 4:56 AM CST by Adri

That's right, people! Because it's finally Friday! Whoo-hoo! ;)

A crazy-cute gem from Enamored_With_Horses! (Link)

Posted @ 09/08/2006 4:47 AM CST by Adri

An apple a day can keep the doctor away
but it sure can't keep us cuteisseurs at bay!
As we squeal with delight at the top of our lungs
to see adorable, little red panda tongues! ;p

Brought to you by the talented Pat Rioux! (Link)

Posted @ 09/07/2006 6:01 AM CST by Adri

If you're missing your favorite cereal bowl, it's because it's out in the garden with a fluffy orange kitten in it. And don't count on getting it back! ;)

Your bowl of cuteness beautifully presented to you by Nagmori! (Link)

Posted @ 09/07/2006 5:06 AM CST by Adri

...but I think they're stuck in the envelope! ;)

Two adorable, squished little piggies--delightfully delivered by Meffi! (Link)

Posted @ 09/07/2006 4:57 AM CST by Adri

Okay, if this isn't just the cutest look of puppy adoration EVER, then I don't know what is! ;)

A perfect puppy picture by zen! (Link)

Posted @ 09/06/2006 4:56 AM CST by Adri

Combine an already ultra-adorable Alaskan Malamute puppy with a little belly rub, and you get a tongue-sticking-outtingly, overwhelmingly cute puppy! ;)

Pink-tongued cuteness captured by MaartenB! (Link)

Posted @ 09/06/2006 4:34 AM CST by Adri

Or is that nibbling sweet nothings? ;)

Either or, a duet of absolutely adorable kittens by David100! (Link)

Posted @ 09/06/2006 4:24 AM CST by Adri

"Actually, it's Tuesday, isn't it?" *whine* "Don't tell me it's Tuesday! Why don't you stay home from work today and play with me? And tomorrow too? And the day after tomorrow?" ;)

Oooh, that sad puppy dog face is almost too much! A heart-tuggingly cute photo of Kaz the Golden Retriever puppy by Kol Tregaskes! (Link)

Posted @ 09/05/2006 8:30 AM CST by Adri

Don't be fooled by that innocent, fuzzy face! That's the ringleader kitty himself, who had coordinated a five-strong cute attack against this poor, unsuspecting gentleman. It's always the cutest that you have to watch out for... ;)

A fantastic photo of baby feline triumph by the talented Clevergrrl! (Link)

Posted @ 09/05/2006 4:49 AM CST by Adri

And why shouldn't they be happy? They're absolutely adorable with those mushroomy bubbleheads and spindly little arms and legs! ;)

A squishably cute creation by the talented LuckyBunny! (Link)

Posted @ 09/03/2006 8:20 AM CST by Adri

Just look at those adorable little parrot smiles--all ready to make your day with their colorful, feathery cuteness! All they ask in return is a small nibble of your tender little ears. ;)

Your feathered, Saturday cuteness brought to you by Manthy! (Link)

Posted @ 09/02/2006 5:01 PM CST by Adri

Three's just WAAAY too crowded! ;)

Another adorable jumble of hammie delights captured wonderfully by jade_c! (Link)

Posted @ 09/01/2006 4:45 AM CST by Adri

But I guess the highlighting didn't turn out the way she wanted, judging by the way she's trying to remain incognito in the back of the crowd... ;)

An adorarble crowd of baby piggies by Retro Futurism! (Link)

Posted @ 09/01/2006 4:41 AM CST by Adri

"I'm too tiny and tired to walk!" ;)

Teeny, tired tabby kittens captured beautifully by Many Cats 4 Me! (Link)

Posted @ 08/31/2006 4:51 AM CST by Adri

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