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...double the adorable orange tabby, double the cute. :)

Sleeping cuties x2 by piekehok! (Link)

Posted @ 08/11/2006 7:06 AM CST by Adri

I'm...just...speechless! So tiny, so precious, so...CUTE! *Eeeeee!*

Teeny weeny Emily the baby kitty, by tiger_in_houston! (Link)

Posted @ 08/10/2006 10:48 AM CST by Adri

Here are some cuties that are tasty AND adorable, so you can satisy your cute and sweet teeth at the same time. :)

Deliciously adorable little hatchlings created by the talented pastrycakes! (Link)

Posted @ 08/10/2006 10:40 AM CST by Adri

"Hmmmm...I wonder if I would need to knead so hard for milk if I was an only child?" ;)

Adorable kittens at feeding time by fofurafelinas! (Link)

Posted @ 08/10/2006 7:34 AM CST by Adri

Swift Fox kits playing rough as usual! *sigh* I guess kits will be kits, right? ;)

Yet another fantastic and adorable photo by our very talented cutizen doveguy! (Link)

Posted @ 08/10/2006 7:05 AM CST by Adri

A bit 'o exciting site news to report. Last Friday the site was featured on Yahoo's The 9, a daily video segment featuring 9 different sites. Check it out and see what they had to say!

Thanks much to The 9 for featuring The Cute Project, and welcome to all new visitors! Enjoy, and be sure to populate your Cutefolio with all your various cuteness. ;)

Posted @ 08/09/2006 6:21 PM CST by Reed

"Wake me up when it's all over." *Zzzzzzzzzzzz* ;)

*whisper* This adorable sleeping baby presented to you by danncer! (Link)

Posted @ 08/09/2006 10:17 AM CST by Adri

Or is this defined as being a bit overprotective? I can hardly see those little babies peeking out from underneath her wing! I've never seen anything like it, but it's surely one of the cutest things I have ever seen! :)

An awesome and adorable photo by Topinambour! (Link)

Posted @ 08/09/2006 7:53 AM CST by Adri

Take a deep breath. Then stick out your fuzzy butt and stretch those stubby legs--right in the middle of the conference room if you have to! Don't be afraid to show the world you have attention-grabbing, raise-worthy attributes. You'll feel rejuvenated and roly-poly afterwards--guaranteed! ;)

Advice per the wise and ever-so-cute Tai Shan--from our cutizen somesay's Cutefolio! (Link)

Posted @ 08/09/2006 7:39 AM CST by Adri

*squeeal!* Just look at that adorable little grin on Sunny the guinea pig's face, all ready to brighten up your day and overwhelm you with cuteness! ;)

Another one of our cutizen Birdeye723's wonderfully cute piggies! (Link)

Posted @ 08/08/2006 11:30 AM CST by Adri

Not to mention cuddly, no clean-up required, hypoallergenic cuteness! ;)

A great and adorable piece of artwork by Liquid Paper. (Link)

Posted @ 08/08/2006 11:06 AM CST by Adri

An adorable clip of puppies playing! I love how the brown puppy "ferociously" guards his puppy bed until he can't stand it anymore, and then chases his intruder away. ;)

A great video found on YouTube by exactlyAiko. (Link)

Posted @ 08/08/2006 7:26 AM CST by Adri

Cygnet #1: *snif* "Smells pretty good...but should we eat it?"

Cygnet #2: "Do you want me to taste it first?"

Cygnet #1: "No! No...let's just sit here and look at it for a while. Something will come to me soon about what we should do." ;)

Don't you just looove that inquisitive look on these adorable baby swans' faces? A wonderful photo by young_einstein--no doubt about it! :) (Link)

Posted @ 08/08/2006 7:10 AM CST by Adri're not even half the size of goblet and can easily fit four of you onto a plate! ;)

One of the tiniest and cutest kittens in the world captured by The Kitten's Toe! (Link)

Posted @ 08/07/2006 12:40 PM CST by Adri

The three things that little baby kittens do best, all rolled into one super-adorable video! ;)

A great clip from YouTube by daphne0! (Link)

Posted @ 08/07/2006 10:22 AM CST by Adri

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