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*sigh* "I'm stranded on this ferret raft in the middle of this huge plastic pool, my gorgeous little gams are all wet, and my urge to dig is unable to be fulfilled. And you call this fun?" *blink, blink* ;)

LOL! Pepe the ferret is waay to cute, Hayley! :) (Link)

Posted @ 08/07/2006 9:45 AM CST by Adri

Owlet #2: "Uhh, George, whooo do you think that is?" *mega 90 degree head tilt* "Can't seem to make sense of them no matter how I look." *blink, blink*

Owlet #1: *eyeroll* "Geez, Lennie, we've gone over this before! They're humans, alright? They take pictures, that's what they do. Now can't you just stand on your leg and be cool for once?" ;)

Adorable burrowing owlets showing us their manner of cute--fluffy chests, round heads, and one-legged resting poses! An amazing (no head-tilts about it!) photo by our cutizen doveguy! (Link)

Posted @ 08/07/2006 8:07 AM CST by Adri

You can't get much closer to the real furry thing than this ADORABLE three-dimensional bunny painting! The softness, floppy-earedness, and wiggy-nosedness are soo close to being tangible...*pet, pet* ;)

A superb and very impressive piece of artwork submitted by our very talented cutizen PuppyLove! (Can you believe that this painting was only a freshman year project?!) ;) (Link)

Posted @ 08/07/2006 12:05 AM CST by Adri

*laugh* Who would have thought a dog and a mouse would be such good friends?! ;)

A wonderfully cute and heartwarming photo from our cutizen Citty! (Link)

Posted @ 08/06/2006 7:35 AM CST by Adri

Look at how that baby dwarf hamster is closing his eyes and cupping that water bottle spigot with those wittle tiny pink hammie paws! And how his sibling is looking on, impatiently waiting for a go at it! *squueeaaal!* ;)

A refreshingly adorable and squeal-worthy photo from Robert Seber! (Link)

Posted @ 08/04/2006 1:26 PM CST by Adri

This isn't just plain relaxation, folks--it's uber-relaxation. How to tell the difference? The exposed pink pot-belly and little pink kitty tongue! ;p

Lovely sleeping cuties brought to you by AZAdam! (Link)

Posted @ 08/04/2006 11:27 AM CST by Adri

"I didn't mean to chew on your shoes and run around the house with muddy paws! I-i-it just kind of happened. *whimper* Can I come out now?" ;)

Aargh, those ADORABLE puppy dog eyes! They're too irresistibly cute! ;) A great photo by It'sGreg. (Link)

Posted @ 08/03/2006 11:31 AM CST by Adri

It's only Wednesday, people! So grab yourself a handful of irresistibly adorable bunny delights and stock up for another two more days until the weekend! :)

An overflowing handful of cute from Barb Henry! (Link)

Posted @ 08/02/2006 11:06 AM CST by Adri

It's Tubby the adorable hummingbird! And just because she's tiny doesn't mean she has a tiny brain--she never pecks the hands that feeds her, and she shows her appreciation for the free meals with a professional firm finger grip every now and then. ;)

How awesome is it that our cutizen swiskris has a pet hummingbird AND has managed to catch a great photo with her perched on a finger also? :) (Link)

Posted @ 08/01/2006 9:49 PM CST by Adri

"Come join me on this amazingly comfortable leopard-print paw-pasan and tell me everything, love! And by everything I mean everything! No need to be bashful. I'm all ears." *extends comforting paw* ;)

A suave and sweet photo from Fayola's Cutefolio! (Link)

Posted @ 08/01/2006 6:19 PM CST by Adri

Among other adorable attributes, this bunny has the dainty politeness to cover her little pink bunny nose and mouth when sneezing. What a doll! ;)

A great photo by beesparkle! (Link)

Posted @ 08/01/2006 2:19 PM CST by Adri

How does an adorable firefox make herself super-duper irresistible? By doing the always flattering, over-the-shoulder glamour pose. ;)

A perfect cover-cub shot by anirbanbiswas_c8! (Link)

Posted @ 07/31/2006 4:22 PM CST by Adri

Affectionate hugging and cuddling at the same time, with a few lick-munches thrown in to remove those pesky furry tangles = hugglemunch! ;)

A wonderful and warm photo by Ord! (Link)

Posted @ 07/31/2006 3:56 PM CST by Adri

Yet another absolutely adorable invention by the Japanese--tiny colorful egg pet plants with rye grass as hair! Think Chia Pets, but about 1,000 times cuter. "Nyokki" is a Japanese onomatopeia that mimics the sound of a plant growing! *laugh* And I bet most of you didn't know a plant makes sounds when it grows, eh? (I know I didn't!) ;)

From Eggling. (Link)

Posted @ 07/28/2006 11:37 AM CST by Adri

"You startled me. I was, just, uhhmm, admiring the craftmanship of this knitted work here. I didn't have any intention of gnawing or chewing on it--I swear!" Do we believe him? Of course we do. I mean, come on--look at those adorable, innocent puppy eyes and fuzzy muzzle! It would be soo unhuman to choose better judgment over cuteness. ;)

Puppy mischief captured perfectly by chotda! (Link)

Posted @ 07/28/2006 11:04 AM CST by Adri

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