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Can you...sleep and hold on to a tree branch at the same time? Didn't think so! While most of us mere humans can only dream of holding even a cup of coffee steady when roused from slumber, this talented plump ball of cuteness can have his snooze...and stay in the tree too. ;)

A peaceful moment seized beautifully by AlexandraPhotos. (Link)

Posted @ 07/11/2006 9:02 AM CST by Adri

*puppy munch, drool!* Whoever finishes first gets dibs on another sibling's bowl of food! (It looks like the eager one in the middle is winning! Just look at that eager little puppy tail!) ;)

An adorable family dinnertime photo from our cutizen ALLJAZZ, who added this to their Cutefolio! (Link)

Posted @ 07/11/2006 7:46 AM CST by Adri

Awww! Look at those whiskery whiskers! Fluffy face and ears! Wittle pink nose! Scratchy pink kitty tongue! And tiny fangs that Barley the kitten wishes were just a few inches longer to complete his ferocious, king-of-the-jungle appearance. ;)

Thank you for yet another amazing and viciously cute photo, Freedom Foundry! (Link)

Posted @ 07/10/2006 11:13 PM CST by Adri

The cuteness is contagious! I'm excited to report that Yahoo featured The Cute Project in their daily picks on this past Thursday and Saturday. And last night, (a huge portal in South Korea) featured the site (and actually on the main page for a little while). Whoohoo, we're growing! ;)

A big welcome to all newcomers! And much thanks to Yahoo and Naver for the linkage, and to everyone who is spreading the word about the site!

Posted @ 07/10/2006 2:00 PM CST by Reed

A new feature has been added to the site, the CuteFolio! Every Cutizen now has their own portfolio which they can add their cute photos and art to and share with the world! These are displayed in the Cutizen profiles and some may even find themselves featured on the main site! Latest entries will also be displayed on the sidebar here so you can easily see when new items have been posted to CuteFolios.

Enjoy! And if you have any suggestions or run into any problems, please don't hesitate to post a comment or send in an email.

Posted @ 07/10/2006 1:20 PM CST by Reed

Welcome to the Piggie Bed & Breakfast! We have only the highest quality straw for the best night's sleep and an all-you-can eat breakfast buffet. Baby guinea pigs under five weeks old eat for free! ;)

A delightful five-star photo from starfish75! (Link)

Posted @ 07/10/2006 11:51 AM CST by Adri

This baby fox can't even open up her eyes yet, but is already soo alluringly cute--just look at those dainty, adorable pawpads and little fuzzy ear buttons!

A handful of tremendously cuddly love from hagit! (Link)

Posted @ 07/10/2006 9:09 AM CST by Adri

FARMER McGREGOR's GARDEN--Three baby bunnies were indicted today for an eat and run incident that left two rows of carrots demolished and a large cabbage severely gnawed on. One row of lettuce escaped with some nibble marks but is in stable condition. Prosecutors are seeking a maximum sentence of one day of cage detention. Baby bunny supporters have already gathered around the garden claiming hungry baby bunny intolerance. ;)

Unbelievable AB (adorable bunny) photo taken by Kimberly in Jersey! ;) (Link)

Posted @ 07/08/2006 5:14 PM CST by Adri

Having trouble packing your normal-sized puppy with you on trips? Then here's the puppy for you! Small and compact, it can fit easily in your pocket and weighs a mere 1oz. NOTE: Not low-maintenance--requires tons of attention, cuddling, and feeding. ;)

This shih-tzu baby is ryanarrowsmith's precious cargo! (Link)

Posted @ 07/08/2006 3:39 PM CST by Adri

"You humans are sooo silly, oohing and aahing over us like that!" ;)

Sure a bunny giggling is extremely cute...but one that daintily covers her mouth while doing so?

EEeeeeee! ;)

karen'z, what a delightful photo--no joke! ;p (Link)

Posted @ 07/08/2006 3:15 PM CST by Adri

*nose wiggle* "What do you mean, there was a plant here? I distinctly recall there just being some dirt in here, and that's about it..." *buurp!*

Well, Skeepants the ham DID say "distinctly recall." Who are we to compete with the memory of an adorable hamster? ;)

A clear and convincingly cute photo by femmetopia! (Link)

Posted @ 07/08/2006 11:18 AM CST by Adri

Barley the kitten had promised his parents he would try to wean himself from the catnip, especially after the curtain incident. But man! Light is just so much more awesome now! Just feel how...soft and warm the light is. *bat, bat!* ;p

I LOVE the stiff little kitten reach--great shot, Freedom Foundry! And just look how the light bounces off his fur ...whoa. ;) (Link)

Posted @ 07/08/2006 11:05 AM CST by Adri

The Feature Cutist is the beginning of a new regular feature that showcases artists who specialize in different forms of media and really capture the essence of cuteness. Our first featured cutist is Harald Oesterle of Vienna, Austria, whose expertise is in illustration and design.

I was overwhelmed with cuteness when I saw one of Harald's paintings, "Panda and Cat"--I mean, the logic of it all! One cute thing petting another cute thing = doubly cute thing. ;)

Panda: *pet, pet* "You have nice fur!"
Kitty: "Your fur ain't so bad itself, buddy. Keep it comin'!"

More of his fabulous artwork can be seen in his CG Society and deviantART galleries. Thanks, Harald! (Link)

Posted @ 07/07/2006 4:25 PM CST by Adri

"...kind of was hoping that was a raisin." ;)

Even the "raisin" can't detract from how adorable (albeit a tad lazy) this floppy-eared bun is. ;)

Excellent photo, jaimuima! (Link)

Posted @ 07/07/2006 1:28 PM CST by Adri

"If I position myself behind this branch juuuust like this...perfect! Now nobody can see me, ahehehehee."

Wouldn't it be a shame if we couldn't spot this adorable weasel? Those huuge innocent eyes and button nose--waaaaay too cute. ;)That being's the time to lock up your chickens!

From the talented lens of Marko_K. (Link)

Posted @ 07/07/2006 1:11 PM CST by Adri

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