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You see, I've been hiding underneath this towel for about ten minutes now and and no one has found me yet. It's a great hide-and-seek spot, and perfect when I want to get away from the squishing and smearing hands of Little Johnny. Ugh. But now I'm ready for some attention. Not to mention some grub.

This adorable picture has been on my desktop for a while and I unfortunately don't know where it came from--if anyone knows and can claim this puppy, please let me know so that I can give due credit! (Link)

Posted @ 06/29/2006 8:14 AM CST by Adri

...according to my calculations, and taking into consideration the amount of give in my cheek pouches, if I position this apple just so, it should fit into my mouth. Goshdarnit if it doesn't!

Additional wonderfully cute pics of this little guy on Kas11~the warrior princess!'s photostream on Flickr. (Link)

Posted @ 06/29/2006 7:29 AM CST by Adri

*lick, lick* You know, it doesn't taste like grape and raspberry. Oh no! Where did its eyes go? Oops, forgot to read the disclaimer: "This crocheted lollipop is meant to be eye candy only." D'oh!

An irresistibly adorable piece of artwork by Jou Ling that I came across while browsing Etsy. (Link)

Posted @ 06/28/2006 3:00 PM CST by Adri

How does one know when you pet the spot that's absolutely puurrrfect for your kitty? (Corny line alert! Corny line alert! ;) ) That tiny pink tongue sticking out lets you know.

Found this adoralicious photo while browsing Flickr. GREAT photo, couleurs gm! (Link)

Posted @ 06/28/2006 12:15 PM CST by Adri

...and one giant step for the entertainment of humanity.

Reed sent this adorable video in of unsteady kittens taking their first steps. Awwwww. :) It's a featured video on YouTube today, and also just noticed that it's featured on CuteOverload as well.


Posted @ 06/28/2006 12:03 PM CST by Adri

Word on the street is the laptop was just sitting by innocently doing some word processing, when a small creature in an orange fluffy coat came back and attacked it viciously, repeatedly stepping on its delete key until the laptop entered a blue screen coma. It subsequently suffered a lapse of retrograde amnesia, completely forgetting what it was doing before the attack.

Awww. Crazy kittens are sooo cute! Thanks for the link, Bobby! (Link)

Posted @ 06/28/2006 11:17 AM CST by Adri

When I saw this today I practically keeled over from laughing so hard--this is absolutely one of the cutest things I have EVER seen! Look at how well the pant legs fit this kitty! My pants don't fit this well, that's for darn sure. And how the HECK did they get this thing on? is a great website dedicated to people who LOVE their cats and LOVE to decorate their cats with stuff. Any kind of stuff. Remember Oolong the bunny? Check out Mr. Garfield Barfield below and more via the source link!


Posted @ 06/27/2006 11:45 AM CST by Adri

The beautiful picture below is from a gallery of adorable images from an Italian site that I found scouring the web. I've posted a few choice images from this gallery under "Images".

*lick, lick, swipe!* Follow my lead, my little grasshopper! (Link)

Posted @ 06/26/2006 9:48 PM CST by Adri

Aaagh! You can't do this to me! I was overwhelmed with cuteness when I was browsing through ferret clothing! The Purebred Rabbits and Outfitters people (which I discovered via Cuteoverload) really know how to top off their already stupendously cute bunnies.


Posted @ 06/26/2006 6:42 PM CST by Adri

While browsing for the latest in mini cute videos, I came across this video of a baby puppy who can hardly keep himself up as he explores the grass and wags his teeny tail at the same time! (I find I have the same problem when trying to do the Charleston and chew gum at the same time). ;)


Posted @ 06/26/2006 5:43 PM CST by Adri

Meet Yoghie-San, my beloved ferret! This is a picture of him when he was just a little kit (about five years ago). *wipes tear* Time sure does fly fast. He's still just as cute (with an adorable pot belly), but not as wild as he was as a young 'un and makes an awesome lap ferret. Check out his little antics!


Posted @ 06/25/2006 9:34 PM CST by Adri

I came across this article in not too long ago and found it quite interesting and cute-relevant. Okay, we know that cuteness was basically born in Japan. From the bubble-headed Hello Kitty and Chococat to Pokemon, Japan knows how to capitalize on cute. But why the obsession with cuteness?

Tomoyuki Sugiyama, author of "Cool Japan", believes that cute is rooted in Japanese culture and that the Japanese are seeking a spiritual peace and an escape from brutal reality through cute things. (Link)

Posted @ 06/25/2006 9:08 PM CST by Adri

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Posted @ 06/24/2006 8:31 PM CST by Adri

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