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This is on of my fave videos on youtube at the moment, I awwwwwwwwed all the way through it :)

Posted @ 11/24/2009 3:31 PM CST by maya

OMG! could kitty snuggling get any cuter??? check this pair out!

Captured by Brymo

Posted @ 11/24/2009 7:58 AM CST by maya

Every once in a while a very crazy cat is born....

Wakey wakey time!

After a stretch and a yawn Funepa wanders off to wake Petey the dog

Then onto catch those early morning rays

Time for a bit of excecise... Funepa busts some moves

Then Funepa finishes off with a spot of martial arts training. "Haaa yah!"

And finaly a spot of quite meditation to wind down

Funepa spends some quality time with Petey

To end his crazy day Funepa takes delivery of a new hard drive but the excitment is too much and Funepa falls asleep halfway through the install

Funepa is out for the count, night night Funepa.

Funepa's crazy day was captured by his owner eurlief

Posted @ 11/24/2009 7:00 AM CST by maya

This cute foal with its muddy hoofs and stumpy baby pony legs made me go aww, its also made me want to grab a big chunky knitted scarf some wellies and trundle off for an autumns day walk.

This perfect Autumn pony pic was captured by Ernst Vikne

Posted @ 11/22/2009 9:03 AM CST by maya

guilty? that cute little Chinchilla face?.... I thinks not!

Great "capture" (*teehee* do you see what I did there? *teehee*) by ellenm1

Posted @ 11/20/2009 1:32 PM CST by maya

If you have ever seen Star Wars then I'm sure you will recognise this little guy!

NB: If anyone knows where I can purchase an Ewok please get in touch as I think they are unbearably cute and I have been hoping to adopt one since watching star wars for the first time many many moons ago.

Thank you to our cutizen dje223 for submmiting this picture of her baby Ewok.... sorry I mean puppy :)

Posted @ 11/20/2009 1:08 PM CST by maya

Thank you to our Cutizen Minerva for submitting these pics of her Boston Terrier puppies

Posted @ 11/19/2009 7:26 AM CST by maya

Corgi puppy cuteness captured by sindySindy

Posted @ 11/18/2009 2:24 PM CST by maya

aaaaahhhh!! this is the life, this little squirrel is living the dream.

Posted @ 11/17/2009 2:22 PM CST by maya

No its a husky rug!

Disclaimer: no animals were injured in the taking of this photo/do not try this at home yada yada

A Husky called Blue captured by dmanwarren

Posted @ 11/17/2009 1:53 PM CST by maya

cuteness captured by Deniseop

Posted @ 11/16/2009 5:54 AM CST by maya

Thank you to Marie for sending in the cuteness that is her cat Moe.

Posted @ 11/15/2009 3:01 AM CST by maya

After an extended snooze we are back from hibernation

Posted @ 11/14/2009 4:47 AM CST by maya

What makes an irresistibly adorable pug puppy just *Eeeeeee*?! Teeny tiny blue PJs. ;)

Presenting Gus the baby pug, submitted by our cutizen annieg! (Link)

Posted @ 09/02/2007 8:00 AM CST by Adri

A bristle brush can double as a mommy hedgepiggie alternative to these adorable poor orphaned baby hedgepiggies! *snuggle, snuggle*

Submitted by Reed, who found it on! (Link)

Posted @ 09/02/2007 7:52 AM CST by Adri

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