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Sick and tired of opening your mail the same old way and putting your delicate fingers at risk for a papercut? Get the letter-opening bunny! You can even cuddle with it afterwards. ;)

A delightful YouTube video by unobb, submitted by Reed! (Link)

Posted @ 05/12/2007 8:12 PM CST by Adri

*reaches with wittle pink pawpads* *little mew* Hold me! ;)

An adorable kitten-pink-paw-paddy photo submitted by lara-nova! (Link)

Posted @ 05/11/2007 11:54 AM CST by Adri

Whew! It's been a loooong day my friends--so show everyone your toofless pink mouf and tongue and let everyone know you're ready to hit the hay! ;)

Another beautiful, make-you-squeal-and-yawn-at-the-same-time photo submitted by giselle! (Link)

Posted @ 05/09/2007 10:21 PM CST by Adri

The rules of squirrel-stacking are simple: the fuzzy-eared squirrel always goes on the bottom so that the tiny-eared squirrel can be perfectly balanced! ;)

Your double serving of squirrely adorableness submitted by giselle! (Link)

Posted @ 05/07/2007 4:58 PM CST by Adri

A great accompaniment to the Saturday morning *Eeeee* of a handful of pink puppy belly below? A cup of milk with a pink-tongued little hedgepiggie! :)

LOL! Just look at how messy she is lapping up that milk! Another wonderfully adorable gem submitted by lara-nova! (Link)

Posted @ 05/05/2007 7:58 AM CST by Adri

What better way to start a beautiful Saturday morning than to hold up a handful of baby pink-tongued, pink-pawed, pink-bellied puppy? *Eeeee!* *kiss!* ;)

A wonderful, melt-your-heart (and mind!) photo submitted by lara-nova! (Link)

Posted @ 05/05/2007 7:48 AM CST by Adri

Whoever said opposites attract? When it comes to fuzzy gosling baby love, like attracts like! *kiss, kiss!* ;)

A simply beautiful photo submitted by the talented photographer Scott Martin! (Link)

Posted @ 05/02/2007 9:21 AM CST by Adri

When you're a hammie named Mocha, the big 1-3 (days old) means getting your first broccoli florette--and boy oh boy, is it ever exciting (and squeealing cuuute!) ;)

Tiny hammie feet-kicking cuteness hand-delivered by Cutizen hesdetang! (Link)

Posted @ 05/02/2007 9:05 AM CST by Adri

You won't be for long...just wait until you watch this video. I'll give you a second. I was a puddle on the ground in a mere millisecond. ;)

*Eeeee!* Irresistible baby kitty cuteness picked at its ripest and submitted by Daniel Abernathy! (Link)

Posted @ 04/29/2007 6:48 AM CST by Adri

It's Saturday, my dear friends! So don't feel guilty about sticking your pink wet nose into your fuzzy armpit and grabbing a few more extra minutes of Zzz's! ;)

An adorable and peaceful moment captured beautifully by inbal_w! (Link)

Posted @ 04/28/2007 7:11 AM CST by Adri

Another perk of being tiny, fuzzy, yellow, and just *eeeeee* cuuute? You don't have to get your tiny feetsies all wet, cold, and muddy because you're little enough to get a lift from mama goose! ;)

A delightful photo found while browsing! (Link)

Posted @ 04/27/2007 8:02 AM CST by Adri

Seamus the adorable baby tapir had suffered from a serious 8-day bout of pneumonia--but he's finally healthy and back to his normal rambunctious self, vigorously exploring his surroundings again with his tiny spotted snout. Awww, Seamus, welcome back! :)

Found on (Link)

Posted @ 04/27/2007 7:52 AM CST by Adri

Crackers are best eaten by gripping them tightly on both sides with teeny tiny paws and nibbling on them an eensy weensy bit at a time to extract those yummy sugars! ;)

What a precious picture, stellaremix! (Link)

Posted @ 04/26/2007 3:16 PM CST by Adri

It's been a looong day, folks. How about a fuzzy, wuzzy, wet reindeer nose kiss? ;)

A wonderful nuzzly photo submitted by the talented photographer David Lay! (Link)

Posted @ 04/25/2007 7:09 PM CST by Adri

The degree of tiny spotty baby leopard cuteness is accentuated by mama's big spotty gorgeousness! ;)

A beautiful submission by Jen Roder! (Link)

Posted @ 04/23/2007 12:18 PM CST by Adri

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