About the Cute Project
Welcome to The Cute Project!

The Cute Project is dedicated to collecting and featuring the world's cutest photos, art, games and videos. Updated daily, the goal is not only to develop an ever growing collection of overwhelmingly cute art, but to build a community of people (Cutizens!) who appreciate and love to share their captured cuteness.

Simply register to become a part of the project! Once registered you'll be able to create your own CuteFolio-a portfolio of your own adorable animal photos/art that you can share with everyone! These are displayed in the Cutizen profiles. Uploaded art that captures the essence of cuteness perfectly may find themselves featured on the main site! You can also submit items to the site directly via the submit form or via e-mail (thecuteproject [at] gmail.com) and be credited, as well post comments and create CuteTabs. CuteTabs are a way to easily bookmark and share all your favorite images and videos on the site. These are listed in your profile (example), in addition to a listing of the cuteness you've submitted to the site! If you do not want to become a Cutizen at this time, you can also choose to remain an anonymous admirer of the cute arts and still be able to post comments and submit stuff to the site via email (thecuteproject [at] gmail.com).

I have been a nature/animal/art lover my entire life; I have two loving ferrets, Yoghie and Ailaea (who are featured on the site). After enjoying other cute sites, I decided to put together my own site with the developmental support of my talented fiancÚ.

We look very much forward to hearing from you and hope that you enjoy the site as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!
-Adrienna (thecuteproject [at] gmail.com)

Adrienna (Adri) - Cuteisseur
Jeremiah (Reed) - Site Developer
FamFamFam & N.Design Studio - For providing some of the icons used on the site. Good stuff!
Providers of Cuteness - For taking the adorable photos, creating the great art, recording the videos and developing the games featured on the site!