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FEATURE CUTIST: Harald Oesterle

The Feature Cutist is the beginning of a new regular feature that showcases artists who specialize in different forms of media and really capture the essence of cuteness. Our first featured cutist is Harald Oesterle of Vienna, Austria, whose expertise is in illustration and design.

I was overwhelmed with cuteness when I saw one of Harald's paintings, "Panda and Cat"--I mean, the logic of it all! One cute thing petting another cute thing = doubly cute thing. ;)

Panda: *pet, pet* "You have nice fur!"
Kitty: "Your fur ain't so bad itself, buddy. Keep it comin'!"

More of his fabulous artwork can be seen here:

Source: CG Society
Tags: panda kitten
Submitted by: Adri @ 07/07/2006 4:25 PM CST

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FEATURE CUTIST: Harald Oesterle