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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[11/12] jomala by Reed [03/15] Sox R.I.P 2008. Best cat in the world to me! by kenaedawna [03/15] Taking my doggies for a walk; all pekingnese by kenaedawna
[03/15] Sox, Bindee, and Sumi by kenaedawna [03/12] Topaz from KWS (Kenya wildlife service) by kawaicookie [03/09] Sleepy kitty by klarissalynn310
[02/01] Adorable Red Panda at the Zoo by Snailia [02/01] Cuddly Bunnies by Snailia [01/20] Oh, hello there. by beeelyk
[12/26] Bluebird by pgibsonart [12/26] Spider show by pgibsonart [12/26] Cardinal by pgibsonart
[12/23] Sleeping Wonder by kisa [12/23] Chihuahua Cuteness by kisa [12/23] Snowdrop & The Snowman by Morag Bates
[12/13] Lucy Lou all ready for Christmas... well almost by JessJohn [11/19] Tedi- Sleepy head! by Ponea Elena [11/19] Tedi-The happy dog! by Ponea Elena
[10/20] As Autumn Leaves Start to Fall - Snowdrop the Malt by Morag Bates [10/12] Baby Bauer by nominchul [09/28] A little Bitsy of joy. by apey110571
[09/23] Really? We look ridiculous. by marykbanthony [09/23] Taking up donations to buy puppy treats. by marykbanthony [09/23] I can be a scary dog- look! by marykbanthony
[09/23] Puppy treat? by marykbanthony [09/23] Love being a dog! by marykbanthony [09/23] What happened to him? by marykbanthony
[09/23] What did those elves do to you? by marykbanthony [09/22] Everybody say cheese. by marykbanthony [09/22] The look of love. by marykbanthony

The look of love.