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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[01/15] Yes kids by yesthisismyday [01/15] Oh I see you by yesthisismyday [01/14] cute dog by pigilet106
[01/14] Cute by Roxy8409 [01/13] Snowdrop the Maltese by Morag Bates [12/31] I love my squirrel!!! by aycassidi
[12/31] Im a princess!!!! everybody luvs me so much! by aycassidi [12/31] OMG LOOKS SO CUTE!!!!! by aycassidi [12/31] IM STARVING!!! can someone plz open this chicken s by aycassidi
[12/28] hello! by opliiw [12/20] Me, on the bed... no,,,,,, by staciep [12/19] Streeeeetch by Boonlong
[12/18] My Bailee Hannah by Bailee [12/17] Scruff :( by clareyfairy24 [12/17] Gizmo by clareyfairy24
[12/17] Rupert and bruce by clareyfairy24 [12/17] Singe, hunny and lucy by clareyfairy24 [12/17] Humphery by clareyfairy24
[12/17] The men by clareyfairy24 [12/17] Mummy suzie and her girls by clareyfairy24 [12/17] Kiwi the roboski hamster by clareyfairy24
[12/17] Babie guinea pigs, only a few hours old by clareyfairy24 [12/17] Meatball And Marmite by clareyfairy24 [12/17] Meatball Posing by clareyfairy24
[12/17] Meatball by clareyfairy24 [12/16] One word, CUTE! by opliiw [12/16] Those shoes are so piggy! by opliiw
[12/16] WHAT?!? by opliiw [12/13] Two Kittens by morethancute [12/04] Tanuki sleeping on the laundry by penguincatcat

Tanuki sleeping on the laundry