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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[10/05] piglets kissing!!! by pigilet106 [10/05] piggies in hay by pigilet106 [10/02] Yawn! by Limbersay
[10/02] Leggless by Limbersay [10/02] Spencer Hiding by Limbersay [10/02] New by Limbersay
[10/02] BABY owL! by cassidy2912 [10/02] cUTe hIPpoz! by cassidy2912 [10/01] SKUNK!!!!! by cassidy2912
[10/01] Snowdrop the Maltese by Morag Bates [09/30] Baby Hassan Dreaming by vagiacometti [09/28] it is ALL about the nuts by emytif
[09/28] bunny...pup...bunny by emytif [09/28] twin elefantes by emytif [09/28] mini LOP by emytif
[09/28] the budster!!!! by emytif [09/28] ardillita by emytif [09/28] mia kitty again by emytif
[09/28] Mia kitty by emytif [09/28] stormy!!! by emytif [09/28] marshmellow by emytif
[09/28] Pip by emytif [09/28] zac by emytif [09/28] Harley by Jaelros
[09/28] 1... 2... 3... beagle pups by emytif [09/28] puppy thats pampered by opliiw [09/28] beagle pup number two by emytif
[09/28] beagle pup by emytif [09/28] running beagle by emytif [09/28] otro conijito by emytif

otro conijito