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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[09/22] Don't think about taking this blanket away! by marykbanthony [09/22] Howling Halloween by marykbanthony [09/22] Emmitt turns to the Dark Side. by marykbanthony
[09/22] I didn't know it was your shoe... by marykbanthony [09/22] 5 baby guineas is a handful! by marykbanthony [09/20] I brought my friends. They want treats too! by boscomom
[09/01] Let me give you a kiss!! by dtk1024 [08/28] The cat wear jeans by thomasbb [08/27] The great mother by thomasbb
[08/21] Professional photo shoot- "i'm growing up" by ELLEN4422 [08/09] little monster by ELLEN4422 [08/01] Bella "cutiest dash- hound" puppy by ELLEN4422
[07/02] pretty in pink by Lilybelle [07/02] teddy bear face by Lilybelle [07/02] first day of school by Lilybelle
[07/02] pretty girl by Lilybelle [07/02] we want that squirrel! by Lilybelle [06/07] i'm standing and smiling so give me my treat! by Lilybelle
[06/07] brother and sister by Lilybelle [06/07] puppy eyes by Lilybelle [06/07] smiley by Lilybelle
[06/07] just relaxing by Lilybelle [06/07] taking time to smell the flowers by Lilybelle [06/07] nap time by Lilybelle
[06/06] Mulberry Outlet by lovetoyou [05/29] Bubble head ^^ by Kitty Lover [05/27] Sophie loves watermelon! by Jacque Beery
[05/27] See my tongue? by Jacque Beery [05/27] , by Jacque Beery [05/27] Alll clean! by Jacque Beery

Alll clean!