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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[09/19] Relaxing..... by cassidy2912 [09/19] Stanley when he was a puppy!!!!!!!!! by cassidy2912 [09/19] They Loves His Gaint Tennis Ball!!!!!! by cassidy2912
[09/19] Little One witchy by SweetSelections [09/19] Little One pumpkin by SweetSelections [09/18] BaBee SeAl!!!!!!!! by gaby29
[09/18] Stanley At The Beach!!!!!1 by cassidy2912 [09/18] MaNaTeE!!!!!!! by gaby29 [09/18] PoLly BeAr!!!!!!! by gaby29
[09/18] Stanley & His (Almost) Favorite Toy!! by cassidy2912 [09/18] Dixie & Pablo (Pablo-The Neighboors Dog) by cassidy2912 [09/18] mY pUppy! by cassidy2912
[09/18] Silly Doggy!!!!! by cassidy2912 [09/17] Doggys! by cassidy2912 [09/17] PuPPY! by cassidy2912
[09/17] Silly Kitty by cassidy2912 [09/17] CHUBBY BUDDY by cassidy2912 [09/17] Womabt!!!!!!!!!! by cassidy2912
[09/17] OtTeRs by gaby29 [09/17] Polly Bear by cassidy2912 [09/17] Frozen Zone by cassidy2912
[09/13] Shiloh2 by ShilohIsTooCute [09/13] Shiloh by ShilohIsTooCute [09/12] Little One sleeptime by SweetSelections
[09/12] Little One flutterby by SweetSelections [08/25] Lucky sleeping on his back! by kymbybug7 [08/25] Cute sheltie Puppy:lucky by kymbybug7
[08/20] Hello There!!! by 4getMEnot [08/20] Am I Totally Cute or Wat!!! by 4getMEnot [08/19] Lazy girl by carolholz

Lazy girl