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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[03/12] My 2 Cute Maltese by Cupcake4Princess [03/11] I get to ride and you don't, so there! by ILA [03/10] Sleeping like a baby by cavalier lover
[03/10] My cutie by cavalier lover [03/10] Posing again by cavalier lover [03/10] Candi posing by cavalier lover
[03/10] Candi at 7 weeks old by cavalier lover [03/10] candi in the snow by cavalier lover [03/03] Can you find Maddy? by lmeades
[03/03] Two Peas in a Pod by lmeades [03/03] A wndow view for mom and kitten by megatron [03/03] pizza kitten by megatron
[03/02] Trying to reach my goals by Lily [02/20] they look like dogs dont they by w1t3 0uT [02/20] Get a room by w1t3 0uT
[02/20] babys first jumps by w1t3 0uT [02/20] new cereal brand bowl o pups by w1t3 0uT [02/20] angry,tired,or happy by w1t3 0uT
[02/20] i dont care its so dman cute by w1t3 0uT [02/20] wutever that is by w1t3 0uT [02/20] OOPS by w1t3 0uT
[02/20] Sad CAt by w1t3 0uT [02/12] wiggle.. by Shibamomma [02/12] Play with me! by Shibamomma
[02/12] Bath..... by Shibamomma [02/12] In your face! by Shibamomma [02/12] Snowdrop the Maltese by Morag Bates
[02/02] Bird on a Blue Skateboard by barkingbirdart [02/02] Bird in Boots by barkingbirdart [01/31] aww by distracted