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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[01/31] pierre and abner by distracted [01/31] I'm Zoe by distracted [01/31] Midas says HEWWO! by distracted
[01/30] mow by sarahja1182 [01/30] hi! by sarahja1182 [01/30] so tired by sarahja1182
[01/28] My little troublemaker! by Shibamomma [01/25] Not a Happy Swimmer! by audrajensen [01/25] Hollywood Pojo by audrajensen
[01/25] What's in the Bag? by audrajensen [01/25] This sure is good! by audrajensen [01/25] Pojo the Devil in Disguise by audrajensen
[01/25] Tipsy 2 by audrajensen [01/25] Tipsy Murray by audrajensen [01/25] Pojo the PO'ed by audrajensen
[01/25] Broken Murray by audrajensen [01/25] Pojo Jojo Jeorge by audrajensen [01/25] Furray Murray by audrajensen
[01/25] sleeping white pug by ebizou [01/22] My dog Juan by ianka [01/21] you talkin' to me? by mydogotter
[01/21] hand - some by mydogotter [01/21] sepia profile by mydogotter [01/21] the cutest ! by mydogotter
[01/21] im ready for my close-up by mydogotter [01/21] funny face by mydogotter [01/21] first flying lesson by mydogotter
[01/21] sorrow fall by mydogotter [01/21] snoozin' by mydogotter [01/21] Pufy Mufy by atanasescu

Pufy Mufy