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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[04/24] There once was a hamster who lived in a shoe by hamhamluvr [04/22] Copper chilling by LDVet [04/12] I can fly!! by inmijd
[04/12] GIVE IT!! by inmijd [04/12] Excuse me?!? by inmijd [04/12] Huh?? by inmijd
[04/12] CHEESE! by inmijd [04/12] You will never get me wet again! by inmijd [04/05] Star the Guinea Pig by Sexyncute20
[04/02] Beulah by aymeh21 [04/02] Kirby by aymeh21 [04/01] i love you by watermellon303
[04/01] sniff sniff by watermellon303 [03/10] doggy by lollypop [03/09] Feasel the Ferrit by katdog
[03/09] Bridget by katdog [02/28] delgoto my baby boy :) by dorian992 [02/25] Mornin'!! by Tcra
[02/18] camping poodle by Terri [02/01] Reinita by amapegui21 [02/01] Playing! by amapegui21
[02/01] Taking a Nap! by amapegui21 [02/01] Cutee!! by amapegui21 [01/29] i'm dog food ;O by alexusanne
[01/29] You're adorable. :) by alexusanne [12/28] chubby cheeks by Amym [12/28] some tea? by Amym
[12/04] Worst dog ever 2 by eagar [12/04] Worst dog ever! by eagar [12/01] Jackson Schon by sillysammy409

Jackson Schon