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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[11/19] Cute french bulldog puppies for adoption by genuine1 [11/19] hide&seek by puggsrock77 [11/19] recardo by puggsrock77
[11/17] Hana by murasakino [11/17] ...Oh fer - Not another picture! by Sphyx [11/12] So little, so cute! by pavelescuoana
[11/12] Cute Little Neptun by pavelescuoana [11/12] Bumble Bee by sicboy13 [11/11] babypugg by puggsrock77
[11/11] babypugg by puggsrock77 [11/11] babypugg by puggsrock77 [11/10] loveable by puggsrock77
[11/10] loveable by puggsrock77 [11/09] my fav team by puppy love [11/08] Cooper by racoon75
[11/04] Cute puggie..... by nessafaye [10/28] Puppy on a break by Lily [10/28] Dressed up by Lily
[10/28] Nap time by Lily [10/28] Dance with me! by Lily [10/28] Yes,I'm looking at you! by guineamaster123
[10/28] Go away by Lily [10/28] Cuteness by Lily [10/28] Interest in the kitten by Lily
[10/28] Riley in his by Tigerstale [10/28] Give me da` biscuit! by Tigerstale [10/28] Adorable by Puppysandme
[10/28] Zoeyyyy =] by Puppysandme [10/28] My baby Zoey by Puppysandme [10/28] Sleepy Riley by Puppysandme

Sleepy Riley