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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[10/28] My baby bunny Kayda by Puppysandme [10/28] Isnt she adorable?! by Puppysandme [10/28] Pretty Gizmo ^_^ by Puppysandme
[10/28] There he is again by Puppysandme [10/28] Sleepy Mr. Waffles by Puppysandme [10/28] Mr. Waffles by Puppysandme
[10/28] Mr. Waffles by Puppysandme [10/26] bubba by puggsrock77 [10/26] babie by puggsrock77
[10/26] stars by puggsrock77 [10/26] Sleepy Kitty by Teddy [10/26] Zzzzz by Lily
[10/26] Intrigue by Lily [10/25] Catching curious cats on camera. by pheather [10/25] Baby penguin by pheather
[10/25] Toucan at the zoo by pheather [10/25] Making new friends. by pheather [10/25] Loungin' by pheather
[10/25] Sadie by pheather [10/25] All Smiles by pheather [10/25] Cocoa_2 by pheather
[10/25] Cocoa by pheather [10/25] Beefcake by Laura McFarland [10/25] Dreamin' Big by Laura McFarland
[10/25] What?! by Tigerstale [10/25] Hurry Up! by Tigerstale [10/25] Shopping by anscutin
[10/25] Chillin'.. by anscutin [10/25] Still a kitten.. by anscutin [10/24] Duckey by Tigerstale