Latest Additions to Cutefolios (Add Item)
The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[10/23] Kakashi comuterized chibi by AnimeJoey1995mcr [10/23] Did you pack everything? by chipster [10/23] Five by Lily
[10/22] Oreo by Tigerstale [10/22] Turkey Time! by Tigerstale [10/22] Cute Lil` Wolfy by Tigerstale
[10/22] Daisy is an owl by beckers86 [10/22] Reginald H. Arthur by beckers86 [10/21] tsushima yamaneko by murasakino
[10/21] Elephant by murasakino [10/21] Nina by Lily [10/21] Through the glass by Lily
[10/21] RT Wants to know Where is the Beef by rockhoundjohn [10/20] Great fun by Lily [10/20] Best friends by Lily
[10/20] Michelle by Lily [10/20] Top model by Lily [10/20] New toy by Lily
[10/20] Mark and little Nina by Lily [10/20] Curiosity by Lily [10/19] Cute Polar Bears by snowtiger
[10/19] rollie pollies by Be2Be [10/19] Cute Dream by Be2Be [10/19] Vicky by Lily
[10/19] Lisa by Lily [10/19] Temptation by Lily [10/19] Bad Hair Day! by Be2Be
[10/19] Lion Puppy by CharlotteBGordon [10/16] Dory by Kureal2007 [10/14] "thats strange, im sure i smelt marzipan" by rhiastar2

"thats strange, im sure i smelt marzipan"