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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[09/03] *peek* by advfb [09/03] Dig dig dig! by advfb [08/31] snack time by achygrandmajo
[08/30] baby santa by yesthisismyday [08/30] Pink Flowers by 2kittygirl [08/30] Hibiscus by 2kittygirl
[08/30] White Flower by 2kittygirl [08/30] Yellow Flower by 2kittygirl [08/30] yawn by Dawn
[08/30] Love by Dawn [08/30] Sleepyhead by Dawn [08/29] neko by murasakino
[08/29] neko by murasakino [08/29] Ahh by advfb [08/29] I seem to have something on my nose by advfb
[08/29] Hey, let me help you with that... by advfb [08/28] Gus the pug. by annieg [08/28] Brotherly love by stupidgirl
[08/28] Spot the squirrel by stupidgirl [08/28] Kitty sleep by stupidgirl [08/28] My TV, stay back! by stupidgirl
[08/28] Wash time by stupidgirl [08/28] Babby coo by stupidgirl [08/28] Too weighty to stand by stupidgirl
[08/28] Baby birds peaking out by stupidgirl [08/28] Budd in a box by stupidgirl [08/25] Cute Cat from Kos by Surefire
[08/24] my puppy jenny! by jackspratjackie [08/24] seal by murasakino [08/24] swan by murasakino