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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[08/24] cat by murasakino [08/24] If I could just... by advfb [08/24] Grrr! by advfb
[08/24] Devil dogs!!! by advfb [08/23] Hammy Nose by tokoharu [08/23] baby cavy in the cocot-bowl by tokoharu
[08/22] Baby Bammer Taking a Nap by simpleword [08/22] Bambam and Sensi by simpleword [08/21] Charlie by cavysrock
[08/21] Snazzy Baz by cavysrock [08/21] Rubey Doos and Rudi Poo by cavysrock [08/21] Fatty by clarest00
[08/21] I do my little turn... on the catwalk by clarest00 [08/21] Oy and Digby by advfb [08/20] Little Bunny with Baby Carrot by missemilysandberg
[08/19] Baby Bunny in a Chicken Box by missemilysandberg [08/19] Kitten in a Purse by missemilysandberg [08/19] Rabbits by mypandorasbox
[08/19] Sweet babies by mypandorasbox [08/19] Clowns and pierrots (porcelain) by mypandorasbox [08/19] Chavo del Ocho by mypandorasbox
[08/19] Ken with girls by mypandorasbox [08/19] Japanese stuffs 2 by mypandorasbox [08/19] Japanese stuffs by mypandorasbox
[08/19] Snow white by mypandorasbox [08/19] kiki fishing by yesthisismyday [08/19] Nikki 20 by echo9735
[08/19] Nikki 19 by echo9735 [08/19] Nikki 18 by echo9735 [08/19] Nikki 17 by echo9735

Nikki 17