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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[07/31] Poodle Sleep Mask by Zippersabrat [07/31] Zippy's Pink Tongue by Zippersabrat [07/31] Talk to the paw! by advfb
[07/30] Eggplant Flower by BustersMomma [07/30] Dragonfly by BustersMomma [07/30] Bell by BustersMomma
[07/30] Hillies on Porch by BustersMomma [07/30] Does my bum look big in this? by advfb [07/30] Wow an endless sofa by advfb
[07/30] Bury my head in the sofa... hmm? by advfb [07/30] Washing makes me sleepy.... by advfb [07/29] Margo by Shakim
[07/28] Baby fluff-ball of joy! by Momiji [07/27] Greta and Dory by Kureal2007 [07/27] Dory and Greta by Kureal2007
[07/26] All Sweet and Mello by dragonqueen84 [07/25] Super Cooper by racoon75 [07/25] San Diego! by Nekogirl56
[07/24] oh what a life! by c2m2a [07/24] hello! by c2m2a [07/24] go away with that camera! by c2m2a
[07/24] Oh,another photo!--ok then! by c2m2a [07/24] oh, i do love the sun says Meg! by c2m2a [07/24] Meg---being fat and lazy! by c2m2a
[07/24] rub my belly... by k8kelava [07/24] I'm so cute by k8kelava [07/23] Bunneh Dog Cat by Keko
[07/23] Snuggle Time by TumnusLuver [07/23] Doggy. by Keko [07/23] Bunny by Resalucag Higenle