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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[07/23] Phantom by Resalucag Higenle [07/23] Llama by Resalucag Higenle [07/21] Taking a daily snooze....zzzzzz by coconutdoggy
[07/20] What? What's that you say? by RembrJakeOK [07/20] My doggy Coconut! :) by coconutdoggy [07/19] Dory Dog by Kureal2007
[07/19] My Dog by tarohei [07/18] Ooo just a bit more! by advfb [07/18] I'm running! by advfb
[07/18] I like it down here! by advfb [07/18] My two men, tsk! by advfb [07/18] I'm soo teeny by advfb
[07/18] Don't look at me by advfb [07/18] I feel shy by advfb [07/18] Ha aha! by advfb
[07/18] Hmpf by advfb [07/18] Quick in his bed while he's not looking! by advfb [07/18] Evil eyes in the background! by advfb
[07/18] I'm cute from this angle too by advfb [07/18] Quick, while she's not looking!! by advfb [07/18] Tee hee by advfb
[07/18] No, I dont like being clean by advfb [07/18] Huh! You woke me up! by advfb [07/18] All snuggly by advfb
[07/18] I'm awake!! by advfb [07/18] Mmm veggies by advfb [07/17] koneko by murasakino
[07/17] noraneko by murasakino [07/17] Just five more minutes.... by advfb [07/17] I was just playing with my toy... by advfb

I was just playing with my toy...