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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[07/06] Use the Force by TumnusLuver [07/06] ILL get you and your little dog to! by PRITTYNPUNK40991 [07/06] donkie! wat donkie? by PRITTYNPUNK40991
[07/06] ! You Cant See Me! by PRITTYNPUNK40991 [07/06] What Cha Doin?? by PRITTYNPUNK40991 [07/06] Help I have Fallin And I cant Get Up by PRITTYNPUNK40991
[07/06] Butters the Goat by PRITTYNPUNK40991 [07/06] Roxy! \Play Ball by PRITTYNPUNK40991 [07/06] Psssst by advfb
[07/06] Oy and Digby on chair by advfb [07/06] Oy and Digby in beds by advfb [07/06] Oy's first day with us by advfb
[07/05] Oy and Digby sleeping by advfb [07/05] Oy by advfb [07/03] Mama? by Stormphyre
[07/03] Sitting in a cup by Stormphyre [07/02] Sleeping Trio by offbeated [07/02] Newborn baby berner by offbeated
[06/30] Yes Im comfy....go away by fuzzbutt [06/30] Rupert by emilyahern [06/30] I'm so sleepy......... by emilyahern
[06/29] To be or not to be! by ivanovamk [06/28] Sleepy Patch by quietmousie [06/28] Pretty puppy by quietmousie
[06/28] Studying wears us out! by quietmousie [06/28] E.T. by ivanovamk [06/27] vizcacha by timfinnegan
[06/27] squirrel1 by dk0358 [06/24] Three cute felt puppies... by HoneyB [06/24] Little felt girlie dog by HoneyB

Little felt girlie dog