Latest Additions to Cutefolios (Add Item)
The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[06/15] Solomon- the goof by chelsy [06/15] Gizmo's bath face by chelsy [06/15] One Cute little Fox-Pom by chelsy
[06/15] Hattie2 by gnimia [06/15] Hattie by gnimia [06/14] Albino Squirrel by purplesquirrel
[06/14] Hello there! by Stevegek [06/14] The Duckies by Stevegek [06/14] Jumping lambs wheee! by Stevegek
[06/14] bh! by Stevegek [06/13] Nils by NymNy [06/13] Snuggled Up by snghigurashi
[06/13] Bath Time by snghigurashi [06/13] Hello Mr. Fuzzy by hamhamluvr [06/12] I Chew Money by snghigurashi
[06/11] toby and his otter by panda [06/09] kiss by xihawuzu [06/09] Gizmo by Kureal2007
[06/08] Jayce by Kureal2007 [06/07] my cute dogs by lizdog15 [06/07] chewie & lucky by lizdog15
[06/06] Cricket helping by k8kelava [06/06] Sleepy Squirrel by Squrlgirl73 [06/05] Introducing Mr. Fuzzy by hamhamluvr
[06/05] Why did you do this mummy? by madguineawoman [06/05] Story Time by madguineawoman [06/05] eddie by lizdog15
[06/05] lizzie by lizdog15 [06/05] chewie by lizdog15 [06/05] peanut by lizdog15