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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[06/05] lucky by lizdog15 [06/05] squirrels with lightsabers by lizdog15 [06/05] corgi by lizdog15
[06/05] Squirrel by lizdog15 [06/04] Momo by blumuun [06/04] Yoshi is sleeping by jnx
[06/04] Yoshi the cat by jnx [06/04] My Pets by shortbutsweet35 [06/04] My Pets by shortbutsweet35
[06/04] PERO by yoko [06/04] PERO by yoko [06/03] Me and my gorgeous dog!! by luisarox
[06/03] Me and my gorgeous dog!! by luisarox [06/03] Umm, weirdnes!!! by luisarox [06/03] This cute art that I made!!! by luisarox
[06/03] Dragon by kittcatt [06/03] wolf by kittcatt [06/03] Husky pups by kittcatt
[06/03] Another Boo by kittcatt [06/03] My little Boo by kittcatt [06/03] Cartoon kitties by Gilly
[06/03] Abu Dhabi cat by Gilly [06/03] homeward bound by Gilly [06/03] Yes? by Gilly
[06/03] Nobody knows I'm here, right? by Gilly [06/03] Eko with penguin by Gilly [06/03] Eko meets Eko by Gilly
[06/03] Someone put a pond in the way! by Gilly [06/03] ssssh I'm guarding by Gilly [06/02] my dog~ by mynitemary

my dog~