Latest Additions to Cutefolios (Add Item)
The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[06/02] Sleepy Puppy by aslan1978 [06/02] This Dachshund Is A Handful by Phelix [06/01] Munchy & Crunchy's Naptime by xstarsprinklesx
[06/01] Ceratophrys cranwelli by murasakino [06/01] cuddle buddies by aslan1978 [06/01] sleepy time by aslan1978
[06/01] Sleepy Frankie by czarnime [06/01] Henny by fuzzbutt [05/31] Mom and cub by af1118
[05/31] Twins?! by af1118 [05/31] Moo... by af1118 [05/31] Love☆Love Chu☆Chu by yoko
[05/31] Carli by dukelem [05/31] Milo by kate bonabon by kbona24 [05/31] Spotted Belly by kittycore
[05/31] Lazy Lily by kittycore [05/31] Lily's Eyes by kittycore [05/31] Liliana by kittycore
[05/30] nuggle time by k8kelava [05/30] Mini Bong by Lallipop [05/29] Zeus sleeping by dcchandler
[05/29] sleeping Neela by mayris82 [05/29] How much are those kitties in the window by sugarmagnolia [05/29] Kitty in the bath tub by sugarmagnolia
[05/29] What a cute couple by sugarmagnolia [05/29] What a ham... I mean Swan by sugarmagnolia [05/29] A little wobbly still... by marinadog
[05/29] The Thinker by marinadog [05/29] How can you possibly stay mad at me? by marinadog [05/29] Nobody Home by marinadog

Nobody Home