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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[05/29] Dreamy Daisies by marinadog [05/29] 3 ferrets by merk [05/29] Ally by davidcohen
[05/29] pup snoozing in a bean bag by merk [05/29] Trixie by davidcohen [05/29] Lexy by davidcohen
[05/29] Vignettes by davidcohen [05/29] Happy Thoughts by davidcohen [05/29] Dining Companions by davidcohen
[05/29] Assorted Shapes and Sizes by davidcohen [05/29] Our bundle of energy,Spot! by Amanda [05/29] AW by eowen12
[05/29] Leave us alone! by aphroditeIX [05/29] Champs love smoking his catnip! (photoshop by me) by aphroditeIX [05/29] Champs is too cool for school! by aphroditeIX
[05/29] Champs loves a good snuggly bag by aphroditeIX [05/29] "Bird" after-bath! by aphroditeIX [05/29] "Bird" in her green bath! by aphroditeIX
[05/29] Teenie little baby "Bird" sleeps by aphroditeIX [05/29] My cat "Bird" playing fetch with her carrot mouse! by aphroditeIX [05/29] Eric Lee's Wonder Woman!!! by aphroditeIX
[05/29] Lenny by davidcohen [05/29] Love by davidcohen [05/29] Cozy Chaos by davidcohen
[05/29] Sure, I'll share! *wink wink* by the flerv [05/29] What's a four-letter word for adorable? by the flerv [05/29] Tasty couch! by the flerv
[05/29] Got My Eye on You by the flerv [05/26] Kitty Whiskers! by Colleen00 [05/26] Betty the Long-haired retriever! by Colleen00

Betty the Long-haired retriever!