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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[05/26] Henrietta the Hamster! by Colleen00 [05/25] A Dog's Day at the Office by chelsy [05/25] Play Time! by chelsy
[05/25] Gizmokian before bed by chelsy [05/25] King Solomon's first bath by chelsy [05/25] pixel by panda
[05/24] Sleepyhead by JoshD [05/24] Nini the Kitten by JoshD [05/22] marmoset #2 by seregiel
[05/22] Kohaku by seregiel [05/22] Donkey by seregiel [05/22] Grooming the Groom by seregiel
[05/22] Loud Baby by seregiel [05/22] African Belle by seregiel [05/22] Cuddling Sentries by seregiel
[05/20] Baby Stella full of fluff by momob3rry [05/20] Baby Stella by momob3rry [05/20] Stella scared by momob3rry
[05/20] Poor Stella by momob3rry [05/20] Stella on her 1st Birthday by momob3rry [05/20] Stella by momob3rry
[05/20] Stella Bella Bear by momob3rry [05/20] cuddling bunnies by momob3rry [05/20] More bunnies by momob3rry
[05/20] My baby bunnies by momob3rry [05/18] A sunday afternoon... by rosemarymab [05/18] Fire camp ! by rosemarymab
[05/13] Rich cats play with pearls! by Chibi [05/13] "Hahaha! You're so funny!" by Chibi [05/13] Who? Me? by Chibi

Who? Me?