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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[05/11] Sweetness by MarianV [05/11] Baby face by MarianV [05/09] My Cute Lil Doggie--x by xCutexLilxCharlx
[05/06] My Jasper Boy by bunnynurse [05/06] My Maggie Mae by bunnynurse [05/06] My Roxie Girl by bunnynurse
[05/06] leave... me...alone...i'm...tired by doggee47 [05/06] rub-a-dub frog by doggee47 [05/06] lick* lick* by doggee47
[05/05] WIDE-EYED frog by doggee47 [05/02] Cookie! by xstarsprinklesx [05/02] Driveway Visitor by xstarsprinklesx
[05/02] Roborovski Buried In Bedding by xstarsprinklesx [05/02] Roly Polo Robo by xstarsprinklesx [05/02] Munchy Wall Smush by xstarsprinklesx
[05/02] "Mommy where are you going?" by shelley1101 [04/30] After the snip : ( by emgrrl79 [04/30] Yes, he's a boy. by emgrrl79
[04/30] Jameson hittin' the Jameson. by emgrrl79 [04/30] Jameson Baxter O'Keefe by emgrrl79 [04/28] Princess and the Lamb by EarthboundChild
[04/28] Rivals Sleeping by EarthboundChild [04/28] Miss Boof Head by EarthboundChild [04/28] What you lookin' at? by EarthboundChild
[04/28] Jess as a puppy by EarthboundChild [04/28] Lovers by EarthboundChild [04/23] Sweet Doggie ;] by dreadu
[04/23] Hamster by dreadu [04/21] Sleepy puppy just can't sleep by Noroc [04/20] wilson by emilyahern