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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[04/20] savory dreams by HomericEpisode [04/18] Roxie @ 1 month by jb100 [04/17] Smile! by emilyahern
[04/16] Those Lazy Summer Days by emilyahern [04/16] Wilson by emilyahern [04/16] Rupert the Rascal by emilyahern
[04/15] Smiley Doggie! by Chobo [04/15] What's on TV? by Chobo [04/14] Squirrel Love by HomericEpisode
[04/13] Goatie Cuteness by RN4CHRIST [04/13] My girl. by bunnymama [04/13] Ahh.. by bunnymama
[04/13] It must have been hot. by bunnymama [04/13] Hey..... by bunnymama [04/10] whats this white stuff? by charcmar
[04/10] being lazy by charcmar [04/10] taking a nap by charcmar [04/09] Got peanuts? by ambercat
[04/09] Hiding by ambercat [04/09] Circle of fur by ambercat [04/09] I see a squirrel! by ambercat
[04/09] Snuggled under a blanket by ambercat [04/09] Amber by ambercat [04/08] Pink belly meowshow! by egiven
[04/08] Playing in the sheets by egiven [04/08] Sleeping on the job! by egiven [04/05] Little Roxie by jb100
[04/04] Roxie by jb100 [04/04] Our New Baby Girl by jb100 [04/04] Christmas Presents by lizk

Christmas Presents