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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[03/22] Sniffin' by jaclynhas7days [03/21] Wilma by Tuftless [03/21] Boo! by Tuftless
[03/21] Ragamuffin by Tuftless [03/19] Giallo by Lallipop [03/18] Chloe Raining by bootkidz
[03/17] Cute coat stand Joe by bootkidz [03/15] Murphy & Molly by kare [03/10] Murphy by kare
[03/10] Mo by kare [03/10] Birthday girl by bunnymama [03/05] My 1st Birthday! by bunnymama
[03/04] Falcon by M3lbel132 [03/03] Lilly by akdoglover [03/03] Lilly and Misty by M3lbel132
[03/02] The Eyes of Persian by elrick [03/01] Sweet Thumper by bunnymama [03/01] Three Rascles by bunnymama
[02/25] Wheatons by BigJohn007 [02/25] I love Japan by Me [02/25] Lyra by Me
[02/24] Sleepyhead by Me [02/19] I think I'll stretch for a bit by bunnymama [02/19] I'm innocent.....I swear! by bunnymama
[02/19] Just plain pooped! by bunnymama [02/19] I love you! by bunnymama [02/19]'s cold by bunnymama
[02/18] Long day by bunnymama [02/18] Rabbit food isn't just for rabbits.... by bunnymama [02/18] Scratch, scratch, scratch by bunnymama

Scratch, scratch, scratch