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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[06/23] Persian Kitten by ashleybassett [06/23] Kitten face! by ashleybassett [06/23] Persian Kitten by ashleybassett
[06/23] Kiki by ashleybassett [06/23] Dosey by ashleybassett [06/23] Ball of Hamster by ashleybassett
[06/15] shadow's favorite chair by kimba883 [06/11] Shivers by yellowbucket [06/11] Teehee by yellowbucket
[06/11] Damn Cute by yellowbucket [06/10] Billy Bob by juju [05/29] Like a child by Caandy
[05/28] Mittens the cute little Penquin Kitten by americangordon [05/27] Warm and snuggly by sareganmcg [05/27] First Halloween by sareganmcg
[05/27] Baby Charlie by sareganmcg [05/24] awww by ladybird1016 [05/23] My Puppy Mia by littleladybug8
[05/19] little tweetie by goldheart145 [05/19] angie in a wierd hat by goldheart145 [05/18] angie standing up by goldheart145
[05/18] pito in puff coat by goldheart145 [05/18] angie in bee constume by goldheart145 [05/18] getto baby rabbit by goldheart145
[05/16] myCUTEpuppy by littleladybug123 [05/14] bunnyhat by harlow10112 [05/13] chimp and tiger by harlow10112
[05/13] cat'n'monkey by harlow10112 [05/09] awwwww by littleladybug123 [05/06] miso by shaunasaurus