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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[02/08] Motherhood is beautiful by joslynchi [02/08] Smile! by madamoisele [02/07] The Calm One by elrick
[02/07] Mr. Cookie Man (my chiweenie) by pinkpxz [02/07] Check me out! - Cute Puppy by julibill [02/06] That's my name! :D by Tarah711
[02/06] I'll just sleep here. by Tarah711 [02/06] Who can resist these eyes? by Smokey [02/06] Just let me sleep already!!! by Smokey
[02/06] Rufus Chickus Magnetus Takes a Ride by Rufus [02/05] Daisy the Snow Dog by Daisylovah [02/05] I shall keeees you! by Tarah711
[02/05] Is this food? by Tarah711 [02/05] rub a dub dub by duchess [02/04] Rosey Posey Dust Bunni by tsaifi
[02/03] Miss Personality! by joslynchi [02/02] C.C. (Crystal Cupcake) My Maltese at 6 mos 2lbs5oz by MyCC [02/02] Rufus profile at 25 weeks old by Rufus
[02/02] Rufus sleeping at 17 weeks old by Rufus [02/02] Rufus getting sleepy at 16 weeks old by Rufus [02/02] Rufus meditates out the window at 15 weeks old by Rufus
[02/02] Rufus after a swim at 10 weeks old by Rufus [02/02] Rufus sleeping at 9 weeks old by Rufus [02/01] Pouting Puppy by missunderstood19
[01/31] Chubby Cheeks! by karinc18 [01/31] Cleaning time! by karinc18 [01/31] Hamster playing xbox by karinc18
[01/31] My buddy Guido by kaza78 [01/31] Soooo Tired by kaza78 [01/31] trosky by meca