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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[01/26] bad hair day by kellierae [01/26] standing gia by kellierae [01/26] elf gia by kellierae
[01/26] my baby girl by kellierae [01/26] You may be bigger than me... by Stripey cow [01/26] Tiger Lily by Janine
[01/26] handmade by vanya [01/26] They are very intimate by vanya [01/25] Sandy Pup by theGhost888
[01/25] The Moof begging by eversweetstar [01/25] Baby's trying to hide by eversweetstar [01/25] Sneaky Snake by eversweetstar
[01/25] Warm and Cozy by eversweetstar [01/25] Rigby's All Dressed up by eversweetstar [01/25] Brina Baby Girl by eversweetstar
[01/25] Baby Bobby Brown by eversweetstar [01/25] Johnny and my shoes. by eversweetstar [01/25] YAWN! by eversweetstar
[01/25] Strrrrrreeeeetch! by eversweetstar [01/25] Baby Johnny Boy by eversweetstar [01/25] My Iguana Odin by KaliKat
[01/25] It's coooooold! by Bana [01/24] Hi there! by joslynchi [01/24] Two-headed Chihuahuas! by joslynchi
[01/24] Dog and mini me by Rmaster [01/24] Super cute puppie by Rmaster [01/23] itīs not a photoshop trick! by stella
[01/23] Baby Love by lanie [01/22] Cold Day on the Rock by flytiger41 [01/22] You Can't see me! by flytiger41

You Can't see me!