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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[01/22] Andora's teeth by jadec [01/22] Dumpling's current fave corner by jadec [01/22] Muffin's stare by jadec
[01/22] carolina by stella [01/21] Bath Time by anijournie [01/21] Rusty Takin' A Bath by bamagirl36467
[01/21] Daisy Takin' It Easy by bamagirl36467 [01/20] Ginger by girlyred [01/20] Lucy's christmas present by bamagirl36467
[01/20] Tina in snow by getlee [01/19] Rascal by jbowmaster [01/19] Sketti Face by getlee
[01/17] Penelope being nosy :-) by rachel1969 [01/17] My baby Penelope by rachel1969 [01/17] Prudence having a stretch by rachel1969
[01/17] Saffron & Pru taking a nap by rachel1969 [01/17] Saffron dozing! by rachel1969 [01/15] Little Hedgehog by Sarethor
[01/14] Searching for... by anijournie [01/14] Lunch Time! by anijournie [01/09] Patitas Estiradas by Polly
[01/09] Hester in a summer day by Polly [01/09] Hester in yellow by Polly [01/09] Surfing Cute-Project by bender
[01/08] Little Hammy by msmaster [01/04] Saffy hiding by rachel1969 [01/04] Pru & Saffy my babies by rachel1969
[01/04] Choke Hold by exit9artdep [01/04] Hanging cat by exit9artdep [01/04] Meow! by Bluebunny