Latest Additions to Cutefolios (Add Item)
The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[01/03] Monarch Butterfly by 2kittygirl [01/03] Blue Butterfly by 2kittygirl [01/03] Green Butterfly by 2kittygirl
[01/03] Orange Butterfly by 2kittygirl [01/03] Play with me! by Bluebunny [01/03] Lazy mornings by Bluebunny
[01/03] Rawr! by Bluebunny [01/03] Untitled by Bluebunny [01/03] Lonley by Bluebunny
[01/03] Feed me! by Bluebunny [01/03] Ruby nose :-) by msmaster [01/02] Karate kat by exit9artdep
[01/02] Sleeping Sisters by exit9artdep [01/02] Kitty Hello by exit9artdep [12/25] come on! by axl
[12/24] Sleeping Willow by morriganangelus [12/24] Posing Hummingbird by morriganangelus [12/23] Willow loves her tree by morriganangelus
[12/23] Timmy and Tommy the Tipsy Turtles by Chez Michelle [12/23] Dougal Ogilvy by Chez Michelle [12/23] Rita the Red Hot Squee by Chez Michelle
[12/23] Charlie the Chubby Squee by Chez Michelle [12/23] Marjorie Ogilvy - amigurumi doll by Chez Michelle [12/23] Oliver Ogilvy - amigurumi doll by Chez Michelle
[12/23] Buster Ogilvy - amigurumi doll by Chez Michelle [12/23] Greta the Gymnatic Squee by Chez Michelle [12/23] Fizz, Kitty in a Basket by Chez Michelle
[12/23] Davina the Dancing Squee by Chez Michelle [12/18] My dog Noelle by snowball [12/18] My dog Tanya by snowball

My dog Tanya