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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[12/18] Squire by snowball [12/18] Let me in! by msmaster [12/15] BIG DOG - Tiny Maynard by aminalluvr03
[12/14] Streeeetccchhhh!!! by aminalluvr03 [12/10] Dizzy Dog by Neil [12/10] Angel Dog by Neil
[12/10] Pink Dog by Neil [12/10] Hooded Merganser Pair by Neil [12/07] Oliver's first meal with us by RaeFai
[12/07] Oliver on the day we got him by RaeFai [12/06] Gosling in Tow by daveb [12/05] Snooze by curliwurli
[12/05] First Night At Home! by curliwurli [12/05] Is it morning already?? by curliwurli [12/05] Bad Puppy! by curliwurli
[12/05] Nap Time! by curliwurli [12/03] Snowman Love by mpet [12/03] Pipes the Cat ~ sleepy kitty. by mpet
[11/27] What is going on? by dhv5688 [11/26] My dogs going for a ride by snowball [11/25] Pipes the Cat! by mpet
[11/25] wanted by zashima [11/25] Cute clothes stand by bootkidz [11/18] Marshy in her Harness! by znikerizm
[11/18] Marshy in the Trolley by znikerizm [11/18] Marshy in her favourite Box! by znikerizm [11/18] Marshy under a Rug by znikerizm
[11/18] Sleepy Marshy by znikerizm [11/18] Gorgeous marshy by znikerizm [11/12] Hugs and loves, and not enough room by vickymowrer

Hugs and loves, and not enough room