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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[11/12] Now Where? by vickymowrer [11/10] Mr Navigator by msmaster [11/08] Who Needs A Map When You Have Whiskers by Shady
[11/08] The Evil Genius Of Cute by Shady [11/06] Fluffy by msmaster [11/06] KittyCute by msmaster
[11/04] What are you looking at? by SmittyWerbenManJensen [11/04] My tiny girl by SmittyWerbenManJensen [11/03] four pound canadian rottweiler by allisonchains
[11/03] my red retreiver, dizzo by allisonchains [11/03] my dog, dammit by allisonchains [11/03] mile's ears by jjmelberg
[11/03] puppy jake with miles by jjmelberg [11/03] jake the sleeper by jjmelberg [11/03] black cat by mocoo
[11/03] My puppy by jm25580 [11/03] A Puppy and his Teddy Bear by jm25580 [11/03] The Incredible Hulk by jm25580
[11/03] Sleepy Peanut by jm25580 [11/01] Ms. B -- Hiding under a cushion by sclemett [10/30] Max Pup by Horseluv100
[10/30] Sleepy Kitty! by Horseluv100 [10/28] Seymour by Kris [10/28] Layin' Around by Kris
[10/26] Nice pal by Etta [10/24] Happy kitten sitting. by staticgirl [10/24] A huddle of Meerkats. by staticgirl
[10/22] And For His Next Trick... by Shady [10/21] Let Your Paws Do The Walking (Surfing?) by Shady [10/21] A Handful by Shady

A Handful