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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[10/07] Hummingbird at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden by piehat [10/07] Meerkat at the Santa Barbara Zoo by piehat [10/07] Sea Lion at the Santa Barbara Zoo by piehat
[10/07] Aino, not too happy by Tsah [10/03] They say, it shoud be funny - to catch the mouse.. by Batler [10/03] I'm not a thief, a'm just taking mine! by Batler
[09/29] Lyrah by avedamia [09/29] Emma by lkrohnfeldt [09/28] Precious by kimmy
[09/28] Crabcakes by kimmy [09/28] Julius by kimmy [09/28] Precious & Zoe by kimmy
[09/28] Candy packaging photo by KittenChops [09/28] Candy wrapper Illustration by KittenChops [09/28] Titan, 6 months by Tygress22
[09/26] Zoe by kimmy [09/25] Da-Niu looking confused... by lillybean [09/25] DaNiu and his toy... by lillybean
[09/25] More Da-Niu by lillybean [09/24] Diva Darling by alexfamily [09/21] Da-Niu as a Wee Puppy by lillybean
[09/21] tired gimli by annabug666 [09/21] happy gimli by annabug666 [09/21] sleepy gimli by annabug666
[09/21] david and goliath by gracmerrc [09/20] Cassie by azoolap [09/20] Sophie by azoolap
[09/20] Sparky and his big paw enjoying the sunshine by azoolap [09/18] In Her Big Brother's Former Hamper... =oP by fayetality [09/18] Time to Hit the Pool? by fayetality

Time to Hit the Pool?