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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[05/06] miso kitty by shaunasaurus [05/06] MISO! by shaunasaurus [05/04] Diesel by jadeo
[05/04] Old Man by jadeo [05/04] What ya doin Bella by autumn308 [04/27] "I'm updating my Facebook status. okay?" by royroy
[04/27] "Don't even think about taking my cuddly toy" by royroy [04/19] Young Tufted Titmouse by dramafarmer [04/19] Cutest Squirrel by dramafarmer
[03/22] crazy squirrels by luvgus [03/22] funny zoo animals by luvgus [03/22] my littleguy by luvgus
[03/22] to cute not to kiss by luvgus [03/12] Ferald and The Bunnies by KeithWilliams [03/11] Snowdrop - The Funny Easter Bunny ! by Morag Bates
[02/22] Brian Slivnick by jackhorwitch [02/22] Chihuahua puppy - Spuds little brother by maya [02/22] black and white chihuahua puppies by maya
[02/22] Ferald's Ice-Cream Beach Delight by KeithWilliams [02/22] Ferald and The Boobies by KeithWilliams [02/12] Theodore the hedgehog by chefgizmo
[02/12] rouxperts hotdog costume for halloween by chefgizmo [02/12] close up shot by chefgizmo [02/12] Rouxpert plays the drums by chefgizmo
[02/12] rouxperts bath time by chefgizmo [02/12] Penelope the guinea pig by chefgizmo [02/12] Penelope the guinea pig by chefgizmo
[02/12] par par rouxpert by chefgizmo [02/12] mollie by chefgizmo [02/12] rouxperts new sweater by chefgizmo

rouxperts new sweater