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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[08/17] Belly RUB anyone?? by SNAZZYSEG [08/17] PoP ART PUG by SNAZZYSEG [08/17] Jasmine in her true environment by SNAZZYSEG
[08/12] i miss him by af1118 [08/11] she is not a doll... by af1118 [08/11] stroke me, please! by af1118
[08/11] a timid kid by af1118 [08/10] Boo loves the snow! by jasclayton2000 [08/10] The 3 brothers: Legolas, Aragorn & Frodo by PuppyLove
[08/10] Muffin by elenloe [08/10] Sneaky by elenloe [08/10] Chino by elenloe
[08/10] Marmie by elenloe [08/10] Sasha by elenloe [08/09] summer daze by zeelicious
[08/09] streettcchh by zeelicious [08/09] aahh you got me! by zeelicious [08/09] Diesel by zeelicious
[08/09] Dharma and Diesel by zeelicious [08/09] Sophie-Bear by elenloe [08/09] Chloe-Bear by elenloe
[08/08] I swear my ears will stand up someday... by doree [08/08] Sniffer by Citty [08/08] Action Dog by Citty
[08/08] Splish Splash by Citty [08/08] sleepy by zeelicious [08/08] Superstar by Bella
[08/08] Violas 3 by jolieprincess3 [08/08] Violas 2 by jolieprincess3 [08/08] Cute Violas! by jolieprincess3

Cute Violas!