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The following is a listing of the latest additions that Cutizens have made to their personal cute portfolios. If you'd like to start up your own Cutefolio, simply register and add away!

[02/12] The cutest Yorkshire around by Selenacol [02/11] Hamster 'tocks! by hamhamluvr [02/11] Lucy by hamhamluvr
[02/10] miles day 1 by Miles [02/07] Family Photo Time! by Squirrelykitten 2009 [02/07] Meow! by Squirrelykitten 2009
[02/07] Umm, Open the door please! by Squirrelykitten 2009 [02/07] Peeky-Kitty! by Squirrelykitten 2009 [02/07] Fayeth by Squirrelykitten 2009
[02/05] Stewie by maxeen2010 [02/05] How cute is this? by maxeen2010 [01/21] Cool Sand snake by Kitty Lover
[01/21] Snowdrop - my Valentine by Morag Bates [01/10] Huh? What's going on? by arianem [01/03] Carrot-eating piglet by jul293
[01/03] Catch the finger! by jul293 [01/02] nap time! by carrienicole [01/02] Misty is the cutest! by carrienicole
[01/02] Group at 12 days old by carrienicole [01/02] Group at 6 days old by carrienicole [12/29] Hi by Squirrelykitten 2009
[12/09] I found the beautiful home! by Maskinoza [12/08] Guinea pig Kljepa by Maskinoza [11/25] mikase THE BABY by auszra
[11/25] Samson - my budgie by jul293 [11/25] Grown up Pebbles by jul293 [11/23] Little baby Silkie chickens (1 week old) by littlelimabean
[11/23] Chubby Pile of Chickens! by littlelimabean [11/23] Mimi chickens' mug shot by littlelimabean [11/21] Streching---it's a serious workout! by auszra

Streching---it's a serious workout!